Benefits of Multilingual Education

September 22, 2021By Seo TeamLearning Tips

Some say that ‘to speak another language is to possess a second soul’. Now, to many of you, that might sound like some fancy, spiritual mumbo jumbo. But that’s just the point; it’s all about perspective! And when your child is able to speak another language, they gain a whole new aspect on life. We … Read More

Learning Tips: MULTILINGUAL LEARNERS by Kru Alysa

May 12, 2020By NimLearning Tips, Others, Uncategorized

Multilingual learners have the daunting task of learning the language of instruction at the same time they are learning rigorous academic content. Parents, however, can help their children be successful by developing social English and academic literacy at home even when English is not your first language. Here are some easy tips: Don’t be afraid … Read More

Learning Tips: GET MOVING! By Kru Brianne

February 25, 2020By NimLearning Tips, Uncategorized

Being involved in sports and physical activities can be very beneficial to young children. It provides opportunities to develop physical skills, exercise, make new friends, have fun, learn to be a team member, learn about fair play, improve their self-esteem, to name but a few benefits. When signing up for a sport, it’s important to … Read More

Learning Tips from Kru Michel: Reading

October 10, 2019By adminLearning Tips

Learning Tips from Kru Michel: Reading You probably know that reading to your children 10 minutes every day is more beneficial than reading one hour twice a week. But did you know that accepting to read to your child the same book over and over is supporting his/her reading skills? When the child has memorized … Read More

Learning tips from Kru Pond: Discipline

September 11, 2019By PYDschoolLearning Tips

Learning tips from Kru Pond: Discipline The root of the word “discipline” means “a follower” or “one who learns from a teacher”. True discipline does not rely on forcing or threatening and does not use reward or punishment because those are outside factors. True discipline means that a student follows a teacher willingly and with … Read More