Friends of Panyaden is the school’s parent organisation. All parents are automatically members and have the right to vote and be voted onto the association’s Board of Directors.

The objective of FoP is to advance the education of pupils in the school, in particular by supporting the community through social events and other activities and by developing effective relationships and communication between the staff, parents and others associated with the school.

FoP is proud to promote Panyaden International School, its achievements and attributes in a positive manner and to engage in fundraising and other activities, providing facilities and equipment which support the school and advance the education of the students.

Here are a few examples of activities organised by FoP:

  • Family potluck to celebrate and recognise the different nationalities that make up our diverse Panyaden Community
  • FoP market
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Information and support for new Panyaden families
  • Meeting with the school management team to raise concerns and share ideas to help move forward
  • Promotes and participates in green activities

For more information visit the FOP Facebook page.

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