Panyaden Advisory Board Charter


The Panyaden Advisory Board (PAB) mission is to provide strategic guidance to the owner and executive management team of Panyaden International School (the school) for the development and improvement of the school.


The PAB will create a respectful, structured and efficient environment for planning and developing strategic direction without the distraction of day to day issues. The separation of operational and governance issues should then enable management to implement strategy and manage day to day tasks with clarity and free of interference.

The PAB will provide assistance by:

  • Challenging the status quo via input from people with diverse backgrounds
  • Reviewing and contributing to the further development of a strategic plan
  • Reviewing and contributing to:
    – Marketing and positioning
    – Student recruitment
    – Operational efficiency
    – Financial budgets, capital expenditure and infrastructure development
  • Recommending targets and performance criteria for the executive management
  • Contributing to the clarification of roles and responsibilities of the executive management team.
  • Considering risk and risk mitigation for the school
  • Pursuing relationships with similar schools for the purpose of sharing learnings and innovations.

Core Principles:

  • The PAB will make all recommendations in keeping with the school’s core principles:
  • Inner peace and wisdom through a Buddhist approach
  • Self-sufficient individuals through the application of common sense and traditional knowledge
  • Environmentally mindful practices
  • Independent and creative personalities through holistic principles
  • Academically competitive through a modern bilingual curriculum

Members of the PAB Must:

  • Make recommendations that are in the best interests of the school
  • Behave at all times in an ethical, honest and respectful manner
  • Maintain confidentiality and non disclosure of all PAB discussions and school information unless disclosure is explicitly authorised by the PAB
  • Disclose to the board at each and every meeting any conflict of interest or matter that may be perceived as a conflict of interest relating to any agenda item
  • Receive and react to reports on the state of the school in a timely fashion
  • Avoid interfering with implementation of strategy or operational issues without the explicit request or approval of the executive management or the PAB

Composition & Organisational Structure

The PAB will consist of advisors with expertise in marketing, governance, education, finance and operational efficiency and with reputations to help build the image and foundation of greater future success. The PAB will have a chair who is elected by the board members.

Thomas Tieber (Chairman of the Advisory Board)

Chief Executive Officer, DHL Global Forwarding Southeast Asia
Area of expertise: International Business and Governance

Thomas Tieber is a highly regarded professional with more than 30 years of experience in the logistics industry. Currently, he is responsible for the leading freight forwarder’s strategy and expansion across Thailand, and oversees the operations and other agent operations in Southeast Asia. He is a regular speaker at public forums and plays an active role in shaping the logistics landscape in Asia. Thomas has been supporting education for children in North-eastern part of Thailand through his own foundation for 17 years.

Prof. Erich Erber

Shareholder, Panyaden International School
Founder & President, SAN Group
Area of expertise: Business and Governance

Prof. Erich Erber is the Founder & President SAN Group which was founded in 2020 through a carve-out of the companies Sanphar, Bio-ferm and Westbridge from Erber Group, and the merging with SAN Real and SAN Pacific Investments.  SAN Group is a global start-up and venture capital company with headquarters in Singapore. Based on a solid equity position, it primarily invests in scalable and sustainable business models in the fields of biotechnology, renewable energies and real estate.


Greg Smith

Vice President – Asia Pacific, International Schools Services (ISS)
Area of expertise: Education Administration

Greg Smith is currently the Vice President of Asia Pacific, International Schools Services (ISS); the longest established non-profit organisation managing and servicing international. He has served as a Head of School at Shekou International School (SIS) has held senior administrative roles in schools in China, Laos and Australia. He holds a Masters of Educational Administration and has been a teacher, principal curriculum director and superintendent. Greg was also the co-founder of the educational recruitment and services company, Schrole, which provides teachers and advisory services to international schools across the world. 

Lamorna Cheesman

General Manage, Studio Naenna Textiles Co., Ltd.
Area of expertise: Local & Business knowledge

Born in the UK, Lamorna grew up in Chiang Mai, Thailand, educated in the Thai and international school systems. She furthered her studies in Sydney, Australia to return to work with Studio Naenna – a slow fashion, sustainable designs hand woven textile label. Lamorna is bilingual in Thai and English and understands the cultural differences. She envelops these in her work and everyday life bridging together makers, weavers, customers, and creative groups. She is also a member of Chiang Mai Creative and Handmade Chiang Mai.

Piyapa Erber

Managing Director, SAN Group Biotech Singapore Pte., Ltd and  SAN Group Biotech (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Chairman, Erber Family Foundation
Area of expertise: Business Administration

Piyapa is currently Managing Director of SAN Group Biotech (Singapore and Thailand), a global biotechnology corporation which invests in scalable and sustainable business models in the fields of biotechnology, renewable energies, and real estate. She is also a Chairman of Erber Family Foundation- a charitable project of SAN Group established with an intention to support Thai children from underprivileged backgrounds to attain a high-quality education as well as provide them a safe and nurturing home environment.

Romsai Tandakoseya 

Head of Credit Risk for Corporate and Institutional Clients, Kiatnakin Bank
Area of expertise: Finance 

Romsai is a banking professional with over 18 years of risk management experience in multiple markets and sectors. He is currently in charge of Credit Risk management for Wholesale and Investment Banking at Kiatnakin Phatra Financial Group.