Welcome to our future!

Panyaden International School has been engaged in developing and improving our environment to ensure we provide the best opportunities for our students to enjoy learning from their surroundings.  The school is growing and this requires the construction of more facilities.

We openly welcome all enquiries from interested families throughout the year, so please feel free to contact us for more information, or to arrange a visit to Panyaden please apply for a school tour.

We are very excited to share our plans with you… come and experience what the future holds for our students.

New canteen: This will be ready early in 2020. The new canteen will cater for up to 210 seats. The upper primary and secondary students will enjoy a buffet with salad bar and continue to assume responsibility for washing their own dishes. The larger canteen will also be used as a multi-purpose hall for activities such as meetings or semi-outdoor events. (Updated status: Done)

Sports field and shower rooms: Located next to the new canteen will be a medium size, multi-purpose sports field which will be ready in early 2020. There will also be separate male and female shower rooms with toilets next to the sports field. (Updated status: Done)

Library: Our new, purpose-built, 360 sqm library will allow students to enjoy a larger and more relaxing environment that will encourage their “love of reading”. This will include an audio-visual room for 25 students and a working room for student group project meetings. Our secondary students will use this facility until a secondary library is built in the future.(Updated status: Done)

Music Hall: Our music programme will continue to grow with new exciting facilities. Our upcoming music hall has been designed to perfectly respond to its anticipated use, be they percussion, choral or solo practices. This hall will consist of one choral room for 70-80 students and 4 solo practice rooms.(Updated status: Done)

Two-Story Classroom Building: With the secondary school expanding, we are building another two-story building with 4 classrooms next to the existing one. It will be ready by the beginning of academic year 2020/21. 


Looking Forward: Our Vision for the Future

Since 2016, our community has embarked on in-depth exploration of our long-term goals and plans, reflecting on Panyaden vision for the future. You may read our latest action plan below.

School Action Plan 2020-2022