Welcome to our future!

Panyaden International School has been engaged in developing and improving our environment to ensure we provide the best opportunities for our students to enjoy learning from their surroundings.  The school is growing and this requires the construction of more facilities.

We openly welcome all enquiries from interested families throughout the year, so please feel free to contact us for more information, or to arrange a visit to Panyaden please apply for a school tour.

We are very excited to share our plans with you. Come and experience what the future holds for our students.

Primary 3 Classroom Building: As the school is growing, we are building a single storey building with 4 classrooms next to the assembly hall. The classrooms will be equipped with the specially designed Fresh Air System that reduces our carbon footprint while maintaining a healthy environment. This innovative air system supplies cool, fresh and clean air inside the rooms while creating positive pressure conditions that ensures poor quality air from outside cannot enter into the room. This pressure condition lets out any inside air with CO2, carbon monoxide or other contaminants.

Life Skill Workshop: The well-equipped workshop with tools and tons of creativity! Our Life Skill Workshop is simply an open space for students to create their own woodwork, learn how to fix things, grow their own garden or even planting rice, with washing stations and generous storage for keeping tools and equipment safe. It is a great place for students to practice Wise Habits such as perseverance, patience and gratitude.

Upper Primary Playground with climbing wall and equipment: It is time for our students to reach new heights! Children can enjoy practicing their climbing skills on different types of playground equipment here. Materials are natural wherever possible, made to ensure safety and sustainability. Climbing activities are essential for developing physical literacy and fundamental movement skills. Students will learn the value of teamwork, looking after one another, helping each other to stay safe and achieving goals by working together.

Admission Building: Located near the secondary gate, our new Admission Building consists of 3 assessment rooms, a reception area and office space for staff. The building is also fully equipped with the Panyaden Fresh Air System.


Looking Forward: Our Vision for the Future

Since 2016, our community has embarked on in-depth exploration of our long-term goals and plans, reflecting on Panyaden vision for the future. You may read our latest action plan below.

School Action Plan 2020-2022