Meet our talented Secondary Years teachers.

We read over 250 applications each year before carefully selecting candidates for any new teaching positions. All teachers receive 2 weeks of rigorous training before they start and benefit from around 70 hours of ongoing professional development support throughout the school year.

Teachers must be qualified and experienced, but most of all they must be ready to be role models to our students. We know we ultimately teach through modelling and expect all teachers to fully embrace the values of the school and develop personal attributes in line with the school’s 12 Wise Habits.

At Panyaden, we value passion, personality, commitment.

Meriska Bock (Kru Meriska)

Y7 Homeroom Teacher

Kru Meriska is an enthusiastic and energetic Science and Mathematics teacher who will be living out her passion for teaching and traveling, teaching Science and Mathematics at Panyaden International School. Previously I taught in South Africa at an under-privileged school for two years followed by three years in an International school in Dubai. In 2013 she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Human Life sciences and Psychology and in 2014 she qualified as a teacher after completing her PGCE(Post Graduate Certificate in Education). 

Bongkot Theppiman (Kru Ying)

Y7 Homeroom Teacher

Kru Ying graduated with honours from Chiang Mai University and worked as a Thai language and culture teacher at an international school in Chiang Mai and an English teacher in her hometown, Kamphaeng Phet before joining Panyaden three years ago. She is passionate about working with children and believes that the focus of education should be to teach children a sense of responsibility towards themselves, their community and the environment. Kru Ying is a trained Zumba dance instructor – you might even catch her teaching at one of the fitness centres in town!

Lin, Hsin-Ju (Kru Amy)

Y8 Homeroom Teacher

As well as a passion for Mandarin teaching,  Kru Amy also passionate about many sports such as trail running, yoga, rock climbing, badminton, squash and last but by no means least, scuba diving! She  moved to Thailand to join the team at Panyaden with her husband Kru Robbie. We are both International School Teachers who have worked and lived abroad since 2007. Most recently, she has taught Mandarin in both Garden International School in Malaysia and the United Nations International School in Vietnam. Before this, she spent a few years as a Scuba instructor in the South China Seas, Maldives and UAE. 

Dean Jackson (Kru Dean)

Y8 Homeroom Teacher

Kru Dean Jackson is from Tasmania, Australia. He holds a Bachelor of Education Degree from the University of Tasmania, Australia. He has been teaching internationally for 15+ years in Kuwait, Jordan, Mexico, Dubai, Thailand and China. He has also taught extensively in Australia prior to teaching internationally. Aside from his teaching and coaching, he prides himself self in providing fair, professional pastoral care for all his students in such areas as; Behaviour problems, personal and home issues, bullying, study difficulties, dress codes and safety.

Denison Lane (Kru Denny)

Y9 Homeroom Teacher

Kru Denny joins us from his hometown of Sonoma, California, where he has taught 9th grade for the past 3 years. He received his bachelor’s degree in English Literature and teaching degree from Sonoma State University, where he focused on literacy for English Learners. He enjoys reading, hiking, swimming, cycling, and playing games with friends and family, especially his daughter Maury, a Year 4 student here at Panyaden.