At Panyaden, students, teachers and parents focus on building strong bonds that contribute to a peaceful, low-stress learning environment and a dynamic community that goes beyond the boundaries of the school. We value community and see ourselves as community members within Thailand, Chiang Mai and also our local village of Baan Sala.

Panyaden families enjoy daily contact with homeroom teachers and the “Friends of Panyaden” Association (FoP) is a vital part of creating a healthy community feeling within our school. FoP representatives are the formal spokespersons to the school management and teachers, but they also organise community events such as markets and pot-luck dinners.

Our bilingual program and focus on the Thai Language, History and Culture curriculum allow our pupils to develop an awareness of our shared Thai culture. This is further supported by events in schools such as Thai Language and Culture Day, Loy Kratong, Makha Bucha, Vishaka Bucha, parents-teachers friendly sports games, and much more. On Fridays, staff and students of Panyaden come together wearing traditional Lanna clothing.