All sustainable development goals come down to education.


Panyaden International School is committed to supporting students in understanding our relationship to the environment and the importance of respecting it. We understand that our role is to teach our students the skills needed to be able to look after our planet properly, to wisely manage our resources and to assist in developing the local community. The cultivation of the school’s 12 Wise Habits is the cornerstone of our sustainability program.

Sustainability Education

At Panyaden, we treat sustainability as a cross-curricula subject integrated with the International Primary Curriculum and the International Middle Years Programme. Sustainability is embedded in learning at the classroom, school-wide and community level as an educational approach that aims to develop our students with the values and motivation required to build awareness and knowledge on sustainability issues and to take action. Our program seeks to develop students who are able to think critically, innovate and provide solutions towards more sustainable patterns of living.

Our school environment, built using natural materials, and the innovative Panyaden Fresh Air System, provides a safe, healthy and environmentally sustainable campus for our students. This system allows Panyaden to uniquely offer a haze-free classroom environment even in the unhealthy smoke season.

We make sure we only expose students to difficult environmental issues when they can actually do something about it. By creating a campus that is environmentally friendly and sustainable as well as beneficial for the health and well-being of students, Panyaden leads by example and shows our students that these ideas are not theoretical: our ability to live a balanced and harmonious life is something they can help create and maintain. Students feel empowered and inspired to do more when their actions yield concrete benefits.


Thank you for your interest in our environmental projects. We openly welcome all enquiries from interested families throughout the year, so please feel free to contact us for more information, or to arrange a visit to Panyaden please apply for a school tour.

Activities and Events include:

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Once a year the whole school takes part in the Green Families Fun Bike Ride. This involves children learning about the benefits of exercise, road safety and the importance of using sustainable transport. This is linked with the curriculum through various subjects including Physical Education and Life Skills.

Each year we organise an event that coincides with the global event, Fridays for Future. We provide opportunities for students to learn from local organisations empowering students to focus on solutions rather than problems. 

During this event, we practice our 12 Wise Habits by donating shoes to various local communities such as schools and hill tribe villages. 

World Cleanup Day is a global social action program aimed at combating the global solid waste problem, including the problem of marine debris. The next World Cleanup Day is September 19, 2020. 

Parents, teachers and students are encouraged to bring in any unwanted material. The material is sorted into different categories and stored at our Green Station. Teachers and students are then able to use it for projects. Material that cannot be reused or repurposed at school is sent to be recycled.

Students learn to sort material, reduce their consumption and find creative ways to reuse or repurpose various materials. Recycling is the last option.

Every year, classes are involved in an out of school social contribution with a focus on preserving the environment. Some classes might plant trees, others will be picking up trash along a riverbank or visiting a local school and leading activities that promote the importance of taking care of the environment.