The team leaders and management at Panyaden are passionate people who strive for academic excellence across all aspects of the school programme.

Achieving academic excellence and a healthy attitude to life for all of our students is of paramount importance to the founders of Panyaden International School. The dedication our leaders demonstrate to upholding the school’s vision and mission is outstanding and provides a strong foundation for all teachers and staff to build upon. Each year, we read over 250 teacher applications before carefully selecting candidates for any new teaching positions. All new teachers receive 2 weeks of rigorous training and benefit from an additional 50 hours of ongoing professional development support throughout each school year.

We require that all our teachers hold suitable qualifications and be experienced educators. Most of all, our teachers must be ready to be suitable role models to our students. We know that we ultimately teach through modelling and expect all teachers to fully embrace the values of the school and develop personal attributes in line with the school’s 12 Wise Habits. You will find our talented teachers under each year level, within our Academic Programme.

Pran Indhapan (Kru Nuchie)

School Director  (Acting as Head of School)

Kru Nuchie has been actively involved from the very beginning when Panyaden was being initiated in 2010. For almost a decade, she has been our inspiration and the motivational force behind Panyaden’s growth. She has always wanted to build the kind of academic environment where every family aspires to be: a sprawling, biodiverse campus that creates endless experiential learning opportunities, a committed faculty, highly engaged students, thriving athletic and extra-curricular programmes, and a strong and supportive community of parents and friends.

Daiju Vithayathil (Kru Daiju)

Secondary School Principal

Kru Daiju has been involved in education for over 18 years. He holds Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Business Administration. Kru Daiju has taught Social Studies, Business and Management, Economics and Theory of Knowledge. In the last eighteen years, he has been fortunate enough to have worked at some of the leading schools in China, India, Japan and the Philippines. He is also a member of the IB Educator Network as a workshop leader and examiner for Business and Management and Extended Essays.

Erin Michelle Threlfall (Kru Erin)

Primary School Principal

Kru Erin is a champion for social good, a school leader, and a consultant whose passion lies in making the world a better place through education. In addition to her work in development with the United Nations, she has over twenty years of experience in international schools across various countries, including Ghana, South Korea, Togo, Bali, New York, and Switzerland. Throughout her career, she has taught across the continuum from Pre-K to Year 13. She has held various leadership positions, including Curriculum Coordinator and Activities and Service Learning Coordinator. Kru Erin also leads both teacher and parent education series aimed at supporting child development.

Valaya Dipongam (Kru Tumm)

Administration Director and School Manager

Valaya has more than 10 years of professional experience as a Business Development and Legal Consultant. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Law from Thammasat University and also a Master’s degree in Law in Corporate Law from the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, New York.

She initially joined Panyaden in 2013 during a brief break from her career as a Legal Consultant in New York, but this year she decided to come back to Panyaden as Administration Director after having successfully established a stable business base for her family.