About Panyaden International School Chiang Mai


To provide your child with an education that forms a solid foundation not only for successful academic study, but also for a peaceful and fulfilling way of life.


At Panyaden International School, we aim to develop resilient, thoughtful and caring individuals through a practical, values-based education. By integrating a modern bilingual curriculum, environmental mindfulness and Buddhist principles, we aim to nurture the physical, moral, emotional and intellectual qualities of our children holistically. We see that for this to happen, the school must work together with families and the wider community.


Success in life, whether in academic study, career or family life, is derived not only from a sharp intellect but also from the ability to communicate skilfully, overcome difficulties, manage one’s moods and makes choices based on wisdom, compassion and understanding. Our efforts as teachers must be focused equally on helping children develop inner values as well as responsibility towards the world around them. To this end, we have created an atmosphere, an environment and a curriculum which are in harmony with the Buddhist path to wisdom and happiness.


“Love Nature”

We aim to teach children as well as the community that we live in, how to live a life in harmony with nature and that showing respect for our environment enhances the quality of our lives.

Thai Culture, Global Awareness

The benefits of an international education are well documented, but many families are concerned that attending an international school means the erosion of Thai language and culture. Thai families want to preserve Thai-ness; our foreign families come to Thailand because they want to experience authentic Thai culture. At Panyaden we are proud to be both Thai and international. On top of our bilingual language programme, we promote Thai manners and traditions, explore local wisdom and learn and practise Northern Thai crafts and customs. Using the Thai language and culture programme alongside the British curriculum means students will gain an international education without forgoing understanding and appreciation of local history, community and society. It is now widely accepted that speaking more than one language and the experience of living in a multi-cultural environment teach us the tolerance, adaptability and problem-solving skills that are the hallmark of the new global citizen.

Realizing Potential: Graduated Student Profile

Over the course of their study at Panyaden International School, students gradually build an increasingly deeper understanding of a set of core principles that are based on the four areas of development (bhavana): physical, social, emotional and intellectual. This understanding characterises our graduating students and is the foundation for moral conduct, healthy relationships and strength of character. (Read more…)

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