At Panyaden, sustainability goes beyond the need to protect the environment. Supporting a Genuine Values-based Education for a Sustainable Planet, to us promoting sustainable success means making sure students and staff develop the inner strength and moral conduct needed to live a fulfilling life in harmony with themselves and the world around them.

Whereas traditional educational approaches tend to put most of the focus on material goals, and on developing essential cognitive skills, our view is that, to be complete, education must also focus on inner values, on the workings of the mind and emotions. A ‘holistic’ education in this sense refers to four areas of development:

  • Physical
  • Moral
  • Emotional and
  • Intellectual

By helping children reach their potential across all four areas, we believe that we are providing them with the best possible education. To learn more please visit 0ur 12 Wise Habits and Key Areas of Development pages.