We could be the greenest school on earth.


Here at Panyaden, it is our aim to provide an eco-friendly school experience for our students. Everyday, we educate our students on the importance of living an environmentally mindful life and the impact they can have on the planet when they make decisions that help reduce their carbon footprint.

Green campus architecture

True to Panyaden’s founding principles, we have crafted a building design concept that embraces nature and provides a peaceful and pleasant space where students will learn. Our school campus was designed and constructed from only natural materials. This intentional approach brings the children closer to nature and allows them to experience first-hand the benefits gained from using natural materials.

The distinctive buildings that make up our school are made from earth and bamboo and mimic the antler-fern leaf. They provide cool and well-ventilated classrooms, eliminating the need to use harsh air-conditioning. During construction, the carbon footprint was reduced by 90% when compared to standard construction techniques.

The simple but effective design of our campus requires low maintenance and eliminates over-reliance on certain technologies that are not necessarily beneficial.


We believe our facilities are second to none and invite you to take a tour of our campus to see for yourself. Thank you for your interest in our environmental projects. Please feel free to contact us for more information, or to arrange a visit to Panyaden please apply for a school tour.

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