With the recent spread of coronavirus, our focus and priority is our students' well-being. Resilience will be an invaluable asset in the coming months and Panyaden stands committed that the school operation remains under the strict Covid-19 prevention policy we put in place last August 2020.

The measures below outline the steps taken by the school to ensure the highest standards of health and safety and minimisation of risk on our campus.  All preventative steps we are undertaking are based on current regulations and government recommendations. Please note that procedures are subject to change according to government directives, and we will be closely monitoring any updates.

A quick look at some of the key elements of the school reopening:

  • All students and staff to be at school every day following the usual schedule.
  • All staff, students, and visitors must wear masks before entering the school area and at all times at school.
  • New thermal imaging equipment are placed at 4 different entrances and 1 exit to monitor who is entering campus and to automatically check body temperatures. Anyone with a temperature of 37.5℃ or more will not be permitted on the school grounds. 
  • Hand washing and sanitising stations (alcohol gel) will be available throughout the school and students will be reminded to use them regularly. 
  • For school safety, only students and staff will be allowed on the school campus. Parents and guests will have to contact the school office before entering. 
  • The number of people entering the campus will be closely monitored. Nursery to Year 2 students will be picked up at the gate by the teachers and escorted to their classrooms. Year 3-6 students can walk to their classrooms by themselves.
  • Parent travels and contact with friends or family from high risk areas will continue to be monitored. Expect regular information to be shared with parents.
  • Outdoor learning spaces will be optimized to maintain social distancing.
  • We will not be running any after-school clubs, in accordance with government recommendations.
  •  Lunch time will be staggered to allow us to maintain proper social distancing in the canteen. Inside the canteen, tables and chairs have been laid out to meet the requirements of social distancing and will be sanitised regularly. All catering staff will wear masks, shields and gloves. 
  • Classroom desks and canteen tables will be equipped with plexiglass partitions which adhere to social distancing guidelines.




The Panyaden family, from staff to students and their families, have all worked very hard to get through these last few months during a global pandemic. We hope that our parents will help us to orient our students to these new arrangements to protect our community, and we look forward to seeing our students in school in August.

****Please note that these protocols may be adjusted depending on the conditions and regulations in effect at that time.  All procedures are subject to change according to government directives.