12 Wise Habits: Samadhi

November 10, 2021By PanyadenInternationalSchoolUncategorized

The word samadhi originates from the Sanskrit sam‐a‐dha, meaning “to bring together.” It is usually translated as “concentration” or composing of the mind. It is the mind that does not waver, does not scatter itself and is focused on the task at hand despite being disturbed, persuaded or provoked. When we achieve samadhi we attain … Read More

A Breath of Fresh Air All Year Round

June 8, 2021By PanyadenInternationalSchoolUncategorized

Panyaden’s fresh air system ensures that our students and staff have access to safe and high quality air in our classrooms. This unique system filters PM 2.5 during the smoke season and maintains a low level of CO2 year round, providing the best learning environment for our students. We are able to maintain these low … Read More

12 Wise Habits Week: Viriya

November 9, 2020By PanyadenInternationalSchoolUncategorized

It’s painful to see our children hurting, and our gut reaction is to jump to their aid. We instinctively want to make it better, and make the pain go away. That’s what we do, right? As the youngest of 4 siblings, whenever we played games, I would struggle and work hard to win – and it … Read More