May 16, 2023By PanyadenInternationalSchoolEvent

It is our pleasure to congratulate the Class of 2023 on their university admissions!   Each of our students who applied to universities during the January deadlines has received one or more admissions, including several admissions to their top-choice universities!  So far this year, our students have received admissions from the following universities:  Our University Counseling … Read More

Unleashing Curiosity: Year 4′ Sound Experiments

May 10, 2023By PanyadenInternationalSchoolEvent

“Sound” may seem like a simple topic, but it plays a fundamental role in our daily lives, and the Year 4 students at Panyaden International School have developed a deep appreciation for its complexity and significance. Through our Turn it Up! unit within the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), we embarked on an exciting exploration of … Read More

Early Year Budding Day

December 9, 2022By PanyadenInternationalSchoolEvent

After a break of a few years, our team was excited to reintroduce Budding Day into the annual calendar. On Budding Day, the children invite their parents into class and share their favourite activities and Learning Centres with them. Acting in the role of the expert, the children have the opportunity to share their recent … Read More

A Breath of Fresh Air All Year Round

June 8, 2021By PanyadenInternationalSchoolEvent

Panyaden’s fresh air system ensures that our students and staff have access to safe and high quality air in our classrooms. This unique system filters PM 2.5 during the smoke season and maintains a low level of CO2 year round, providing the best learning environment for our students. We are able to maintain these low … Read More