12 Wise Habits Week: Chanda

September 28, 2020By PanyadenInternationalSchoolUncategorized

Chanda (pronounced Chan-ta ฉันทะ) this is an important principle in the education of children or in the raising of children by parents. We should not be overly obsessed with results, but instead look for quality of action in the present moment. It is natural that as parents or teachers things will not always work out … Read More


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Panyaden International School, A BLUEPRINT FOR A TRULY GREEN SCHOOL IN CHIANG MAI THAILAND Dr. Markus RoseliebCo-Founder of Panyaden International SchoolPrincipal of Chiangmai Life Architects and Chiangmai Life Construction Building a school that is green and sustainable in its architecture as well as curriculum takes more effort, requires more planning and more investment as there … Read More

12 Wise Habits Week: Mattanuta

September 14, 2020By PanyadenInternationalSchoolUncategorized

MATTANUTA (Knowing the right amount) Mattanuta (pronounced ma-tan-yoo-ta) means‘knowing the right amount.’ When practised, it helps us achieve a healthy balance in life. It is the quality of understanding that, whatever goals we set ourselves, there is an optimum amount of material and non-material things that we need. It is the ability to assess what is enough, … Read More