Love of learning can be learned

October 3, 2020By PanyadenInternationalSchoolUncategorized

By Michel Thibeault, M.Ed.Primary School PrincipalPanyaden International School It’s amazing how young children have an irrepressible love for learning. We can see how much young children can learn every day, seemingly without too much effort. Sadly, this enjoyment for learning doesn’t always last, and by the time they become teenagers many students begin to become … Read More

12 Wise Habits Week: Avihimsa

August 25, 2020By PanyadenInternationalSchoolUncategorized

AVIHIMSA (Not harming)August 24 – September 7, 2020 Avihimsa is a Pali word which means not causing harm. To practise ‘Avihimsa’ is not to say or do anything that creates suffering for oneself or for others and also not to say or do anything that creates or encourages the cause of suffering in oneself or … Read More