Live and Learn: Love Reading

February 13, 2018By PYDschoolFeatured Posts, Others

Live and Learn: How to Make Kids Hate (or Love) Reading! By Michel Thibeault, Panyaden Head Teacher Imagine your best friend just bought you a book he knows you will truly enjoy. You go home after work thinking about the relaxing evening ahead: soft music playing over dinner followed by some quiet time reading the … Read More

Live and Learn: Screen Time For Your Child

March 24, 2017By PYDschoolFeatured Posts, Others

Screen time: is it bad for your child? by Panyaden International School Head Teacher, Michel Thibeault If you thought too much time playing video games, surfing the Internet or sharing on Facebook could negatively affect people, well, you are right! In fact, the negative effect has been so well documented that compulsive internet use has … Read More