Panyaden Marks Earth Day

April 25, 2018By PYDschoolFeatured Posts, Green School

Kindergarten Celebrates Earth Day Celebrating Earth Day at Panyaden. Kindergarten 1 (K1) Butterflies and Kindergarten 2 (K2) Honey Bees marked Earth Day, April 22, by helping to clear dried leaves and litter in the area surrounding the school. Every day is Earth Day at Panyaden! See more photos of the young students hard at work … Read More

Panyaden Budding Day 1

December 18, 2017By PYDschoolFeatured Posts, School Curriculum

Budding Day 1 Celebrations Budding teachers from Nursery-Year 1 Panyaden Budding Day 1. Students teach parents how to draw, conduct science experiments; solve maths problems and even how to make healthy juices! All part of our Budding Day celebrations on 14 December and a great opportunity for the children to show us highlights of what … Read More

Flower Tribute for King Rama IX

September 5, 2017By PYDschoolFeatured Posts, Green School

Panyaden remembers the late King Rama IX of Thailand Our little ones from Kindergarten 1 (K1) plant marigolds as a mark of respect and love for the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Click on the following links to see more photos on Panyaden blog image gallery and on our school Facebook page.

Panyaden After-School Club

September 5, 2017By PYDschoolFeatured Posts, Others

Panyaden After-School Swimming Club Becoming friends with the water. Panyaden’s Nursery and Kindergarten 1 (K1) children at the ‘Starfish’ swimming club. The photos are also on Panyaden blog image gallery and our Facebook page.

Panyaden Kindergarten 1 Unit

May 30, 2017By PYDschoolFeatured Posts, School Curriculum

Alien Invasion! Panyaden Kindergarten 1 learns about space Thread, cloth, balloons, googly eyes…let the imagination do the rest. Panyaden Kindergarten 1 (K1) kids create aliens as part of their learning unit on space. See the video below. Individual photos are here in Panyaden’s image gallery.        

Panyaden Kindergarten 1 Art

May 3, 2017By PYDschoolFeatured Posts, School Curriculum

Learning social-emotional skills through art Panyaden International School Kindergarten 1 (K1) students create paper facial portraits conveying different emotions and then try to imitate the expressions; a fun way of building empathy and understanding how people use facial expressions to communicate emotions.

Panyaden Kindergarten Festival of Learning

March 22, 2017By PYDschoolFeatured Posts, School Curriculum

Fun Festival of Learning at Panyaden Sharing, exploring and learning together.Sharing, exploring and learning together. Panyaden’s preschoolers enjoy a variety of nature-inspired art and creative recycling activities at our mixed-age kindergarten Festival of Learning. Check out the photos in Panyaden’s Kindergarten Festival of Learning image gallery.