Aug 252017

Friends of Panyaden (FOP) Welcome Party poster for parents

Friends of Panyaden Welcome Party for New Parents

All parents are cordially invited to Friends of Panyaden (FOP)’s potluck party to welcome new parents to the school. FOP is our parent-teacher group. See you next Wednesday, 30 August 2017. We look forward to meeting you between 4 – 6 pm!

Mar 182016

Friends of Panyaden (FoP) Charity Market to raise funds for the school band. Lots of fun, camaraderie and over 16,000 baht raised! More photos here.

FoP Charity Market
Oct 092015

Parents, teachers and students came together for another excellent Friends of Panyaden Flea Market. Great homemade food, hundreds of second toys, books and clothes and a whole lot of fun and smiles! We asked the new Chair of FoP, Khun Sarinporn about her plans for FoP this year. Q: What are your aims for FOP […]

Interview with FoP Chair
Jul 312014

2014-15 Committee Chair Khun Jimm Secretary Kru Anthony Treasurer Khun Monika Committee Members Khun Sue Khun Sao Khun Lamorna Khun Fang Guo Khun Yaping Khun Weerachai

FoP 2014-15 Committee
Nov 072013

2013-14 Committee Members Chair Khun Nathalie Secretary Khun Julien Anuban Representatives Khun Jimm Khun Sue Khun Navin Prathom Representatives Khun Daniel Khun Sao Staff Representatives Kru Karn  Khun Tookta  Kru Fon 

FoP 2013-14 Committee
Sep 172012

Getting to know you Friends of Panyaden, our parent-teacher association organized the fun Amazing Race at our school on Friday, 14 Sept. Multiple teams raced around the school grounds performing different challenges like tasting and guessing food with eyes closed (including worms!), maths brain teasers, sorting garbage into the right recycling bins and non-stop dancing for one minute. […]

FoP Amazing Race
Aug 292012

To all our parents, teachers and staff You are invited to join our FoP Facebook group. Please click here and request to join:

Facebook Group
Aug 012012

Friends Of Panyaden Committee Members Chair Khun Lamorna Vice-Chair Khun Tanawat Secretary Khun Neil Treasurer Khun Mark Ordinary Committee Member (OCM) for Kindergarten Khun Sonthidet Ordinary Committee Member (OCM) for Kindergarten Kru Sathaporn Ordinary Committee Member (OCM) for Primary Khun Nilawan Ordinary Committee Member (OCM) for Primary Khun Julien Ordinary Committee Member (OCM) for Teacher […]

PTA Committee
Jul 132012

Letter From The Committee Friends of Panyaden Constitution To allow for more discussion and feedback from members, the steering committee for the Friends of Panyaden decided not to call a vote to adopt the constitution at the General Meeting held in June. The Committee of the Friends of Panyaden invites members to submit their comments […]

Friends of Panyaden: To All Members
Jun 232012

Become a friend of Panyaden Panyaden School had a great turnout today at our inaugural ‘Friends of Panyaden’ annual general meeting. This is the first of regular parent-teacher meetings to be hosted by our international school in Chiang Mai. Everyone brought food to share as we voted in our first ever Friends of Panyaden committee. […]

1st Panyaden PTA AGM