Panyaden School’s curriculum integrates the national Thai curriculum with the International Primary Curriculum, which is used in international schools in 65 countries around the world, providing perspectives that are both global and local. Thai culture and history are taught alongside more international themes and green studies. By merging the two curricula, we prepare children for further study at both Thai and International schools. Daily ‘Life Studies’ reflect our Buddhist approach and environmental mindfulness.

Our curriculum is taught in both Thai (50%) and English (50%) from Nursery right through to Prathom 6 (the end of Primary). Each class has a Thai teacher and fluent English speaking teacher.

Note: From August 2016 we will be using the British Curriculum alongside the IPC. All other elements, such as Thai language and culture, will remain the same. For more information, visit our FAQ page.


The kindergarten curriculum focuses on the development of 4 areas: physical, emotional, social and mental. The goal is to develop these 4 areas to their full capacity according to age. The children learn to solve problems through creative thinking combined with a rational process. There will be a lot of activity and play-based learning. Parents and teachers will work together as a team to establish moral principles at this early age.

Prathom (Primary)

The primary curriculum integrates Buddhist principles and green awareness with the highly regarded International Primary Curriculum (IPC). As the IPC’s academic standard is amongst the highest internationally, the programme answers the worry of many parents as to whether their children will be able to switch seamlessly to any other school around the country or even the world should the need arise.

Similar in approach to the International Baccalaureate, IPC focuses on learning that is student-centred. It can be tailored to the needs of individual students and encourages enquiring minds and independent thinking. It integrates subjects and topics so that, for example, a week-long project on ‘weather’ might  incorporate learning in mathematics, science, language, geography, art or any other subject.

We have merged the IPC with the national Thai curriculum so that core subjects and standards required by the Thai Ministry of Education are covered. Additional ‘Life Study’ classes will cover topics such as valuing nature, healthy eating and respect for others and give further opportunities to practise core subjects through a variety of methods and activities.

Children will learn primarily through experience, by doing things for themselves, thinking analytically and creatively and by taking initiative. As with Kindergarten, parents and teachers will work together to progress their child’s learning and development.

If you would like details of learning outcomes at each stage of Prathom, please click here…

Age groups according to different educational systems:

Child’s Age Panyaden School United Kingdom United States of America
2+ Nursery Pre-school Pre-school
3+ Kindergarten Nursery Kindergarten
4+ Kindergarten Reception Kindergarten
5+ Kindergarten Year 1 Kindergarten
6+ Prathom (Year) 1 Year 2 Grade 1
7+ Prathom (Year) 2 Year 3 Grade 2
8+ Prathom (Year) 3 Year 4 Grade 3
9+ Prathom (Year) 4 Year 5 Grade 4
10+ Prathom (Year) 5 Year 6 Grade 5
11+ Prathom (Year) 6 Year 7 Grade 6