May 072014

Kindergarten teachers from Anuban Changnoi visit Panyaden School in Chiang Mai 4

Yesterday we welcomed our guests from Little Elephant Kindergarten (Anuban Changnoi), Samut Sakhon Province. They had come to Chiang Mai to visit our environmentally-friendly campus and to learn about Panyaden’s unique school curriculum presented by Head Teacher, Kru Dokmai.

Kindergarten teachers from Anuban Changnoi visit Panyaden School in Chiang Mai 1  Kindergarten teachers from Anuban Changnoi visit Panyaden School in Chiang Mai 3

Mar 142014
Blossom Market Proceeds To Charity

Each year, Panyaden donates the net proceeds from our annual Blossom Market to a chosen charity in Chiang Mai. This time we collected 8,000 baht from parent donations and proceeds for Ban Rom Sai, an orphanage situated close to the school in Nam Phrae district for children who have lost their parents to due AIDS [...]

Mar 062014
Students Design Model Rhinos

Nino The Mad Mad Rhino When an organisation helping to save the rhinoceros from extinction came to Chiang Mai a few weeks ago, their creative director, a former Panyaden parent, invited our students to design some model rhinos for their display at Maya Shopping Centre. Our students took to the task with enthusiasm, as these [...]

Mar 052014
Blossom Day 2014

End of year celebration of learning Blossom Day,Friday, 7 March 2014, 9am - 12.30pm We will be celebrating what our students have been learning over the last 12 months as the 2013-14 school year draws to a close. Our students have been working hard and enthusiastically to learn and practice their different and we are all [...]

Feb 262014
Dutch Architect Visit

Panyaden School welcomed Dutch professor, architect and author of books on sustainable architecture, Pieter van der Ree who was recently here in Chiang Mai to research and write about our school for his upcoming follow-up book on organic architecture. He interviewed our Director, Neil Amas, for his insights on the school concept and its relationship [...]

Feb 062014
Planting Trees

“A few years ago all the trees had been cut down around here. There was no water, nothing. I had such a heavy heart.” explained 70-something villager, Loong (Uncle) Kam. ”Now we have replanted trees and plants, we have running water and the whole area is being transformed.” Uncle Kam lives in a wood and [...]

Sep 202013
Prathom Budding Day

Prathom students celebrate Budding Day Panyaden School’s Prathom Budding Day celebrations kicked off today with many homeroom activities headed by our elementary students. In the P5-6 class, for example, parents joined their children in drawing maps, listened to a presentation on Chiang Mai’s history and learnt some Thai dance movements. P4 students played different parts [...]

Sep 052013
Learning about Chiang Mai History

As part of their “Building a Village” lesson theme, our Prathom 5-6 students went on a field trip to the archaeological site, Vieng Kum Kam and the Chiang Mai Art Museum to learn about the history of the city as well as its changes over time.   More photos here on the blog.

Aug 292013
Prathom 3 Field Trip

How technology affects us daily As part of our theme on inventions, our P3 class went for a field trip to the Digital Zoo in the Chiang Mai Night Safari this afternoon. They have been learning about inventions. From silly inventions, to practical ones, to making our own and everything in between. This field trip [...]

Aug 152013
Community Service Visit

Accompanied by familiar Thai tunes sung by Panyaden music teacher, Kru Tee, our P2,3 and 5-6 students gave light shoulder and arm massages they learnt at school for their visit to Baan Thammapakorn today. They also helped to serve food to the senior citizens of the home. This visit is part of Panyaden School’s student [...]