Panyaden School Summer programme poster_13 Mar 2016

Situated in the cultural heart of northern Thailand, Panyaden School in Chiang Mai integrates Buddhist values and environmental mindfulness with a modern bilingual curriculum, academically equipping students for further study in a Thai, international school or abroad. Panyaden is a green school, built from earth and bamboo and is peacefully located among rice fields just 15 minutes drive from the city centre. Life is deeper and richer than working in order to consume. By learning how to enjoy learning, and learning to love wisdom for its own sake, everyone can reach an emotional maturity to create a happy life for themselves and their family and to contribute positively to the society in which they live. With this vision, Panyaden School was founded to deliver a holistic education based on Buddhist principles integrated with a modern curriculum. Students who graduate from our school will not only have internationally compatible skills in reading, writing, mathematics and science but also essential life skills such as how to grow rice and vegetables and repair clothes, to eat healthily and to be socially responsible.

Panya : Wisdom, Knowledge Den : Outstanding, Exceptional