Learning Tips: MULTILINGUAL LEARNERS by Kru Alysa

May 12, 2020By NimLearning Tips, Others, Uncategorized

Multilingual learners have the daunting task of learning the language of instruction at the same time they are learning rigorous academic content. Parents, however, can help their children be successful by developing social English and academic literacy at home even when English is not your first language. Here are some easy tips: Don’t be afraid … Read More

Panyaden 12 Wise Habits: Caga

May 3, 2020By NimUncategorized

Caga (pronounced jaa-ka) means generosity. It is delighting in the act of giving, sharing or relinquishing and expecting nothing in return; it is when the love of giving becomes a virtue in itself. Caga is being generous not only with material things, but also with your time, your energy, your forgiveness, and your willingness to … Read More

Panyaden 12 Wise Habits: Metta Karuna

March 31, 2020By Nim12 Wise Habits, Uncategorized

Metta, often translated as loving kindness, is perhaps better defined as goodwill or benevolence. It is a strong, sincere wish for the happiness of all beings without discrimination. Karuna is compassion, the empathetic understanding of the suffering of others and the genuine wish to relieve them of that suffering.     In the teachings of the Buddha, … Read More

Panyaden 12 Wise Habits: Indriya Samvara

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Panyaden 12 Wise Habits: Indriya-samvara Indriya‐samvara (we use the Thai translation at school which is pronounced insee‐sang‐won) means ‘using the senses wisely,’ or restraint of the senses. The term is often found in Buddhist texts as indriya samvara sila and as such this Wise Habit means self‐control of the senses in order to live a … Read More