Panyaden Poetry Café

IMG_1397 Panyaden Poetry & Prose Reading

‘Twas a gentle afternoon in a pleasant café setting with freshly-picked flowers on the round tables that Panyaden’s first Poetry And Prose began. Our Prathom 3 to 6 students, teachers and 2 parents read haikus, rhymes and shapely ‘diamante’ they had written themselves or by their favourite poets like William Blake and Judith Wright.

Throughout this school year, P3-6 have been “immersed in poetry and the beauty of language” (Kru Michel), examining rhythms and structures as well as poetic devices like onomatopoeia, personification and sensory imagery. They applied these lessons by writing their own. We share some of their compositions here (more next week, click on image for larger view). Visit the blog’s image gallery for photos of yesterday’s reading.

Jack's poems, Panyaden School
By Jack
Noah's poem, Panyaden School
By Noah
IMG_6526 Matthieu's poems, Panyaden School
By Matthieu
IMG_6530 Matthew's poems, Panyaden School
By Matthew
By Charli
By Neil Amas
By Aisha
By Aisha

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