Early Years:

Early Years Phase Leader & K1B Butterflies : Rachael Stevens (Kru Rachael)
Kru Rachael joins Panyaden after teaching at an international kindergarten in Bangkok for the past four years. She has experience teaching children over three years of age using the British Curriculum and enjoys using a hands-on approach in her classrooms. Kru Rachael holds a PCGE in Lower Primary education, alongside a Masters in Buddhist Studies and a Doctorate in Tibetan Buddhism. With a background in the academic study of Buddhism, Kru Rachael is interested in finding ways to incorporate mindfulness activities and yoga in her teaching. She believes in the benefits of international, bilingual education and is excited to be part of the team at Panyaden. In her free time she enjoys yoga, walking, reading and sampling Thai foods.
Kru Mint 2a
Nursery : Wanlaya Loetphornphisit (Kru Mint)
Kru Mint has been teaching for over 12 years now. She holds a Bachelor of Education, from Chiang Mai Rajabhat University. In her free time, she likes travelling with her family and photography. She also loves cooking, painting and gardening. Kru Mint joined Panyaden because of the environment, which she believes will provide the best education for children.
Nursery : Kelsey Rupert (Kru Kelsey)
From Boston, Massachusetts, Kru Kelsey has been involved in all aspects of early education, including teaching, creating curriculum and enrollment. She has been a pre-school teacher, a nanny and a children's activity organiser. Graduating with a degree in Communications with a minor in child psychology and holding certification in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Kelsey's hidden talents include snowboarding, drawing and field hockey.
Nursery Teacher Assistant : Sureerat Prayoonwong (Kru Tookta)
Kru Tookta holds a Bachelor of Science from Chiang Mai University and a Bachelor of Education, majoring in Education and Communication Technology from Sukhothai Thammathirat University. She loves singing, reading, teaching and being happy with children!
K1A Caterpillars : Heidi Bokum (Kru Heidi)
Kru Heidi holds a Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education with a focus in Art from Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago, Illinois U.S.A. She has 5 years' experience teaching kindergarten and has also taught art and photography classes and courses in mindful meditation for young children. She believes all humans are forever life-long learners, starting in the early years. She enjoys, travelling, eating, photography, yoga, listening to music and swimming.
K1 Caterpillars : Jeerawan Panma (Kru Aae)
Kru Aae graduated from Maejo University with a major in Ecotourism. She started as a teacher assistant at Panyaden five years ago but after training and showing us her natural gifts as a teacher, she graduated to homeroom teacher and loves it! She is always mindful and cheerful when working with children. Kru Aae loves travelling and taking part in outdoor activities.
K1 Caterpillars Teacher Assistant : Thayida Bamrungthai (Kru Yo)
Kru Yo holds a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Thai Language from Chiang Mai University and has experience teaching Thai to children and adults. She enjoys reading and telling stories to children, but most of all Kru Yo loves to see children's smiles!
K1B Butterflies : Natcha Tanrattanawong (Kru Natcha)
Kru Natcha is excited to join the Panyaden team this school year and she is very happy to be in the school environment as she loves nature. She graduated from Thammasat University with a major in English and recently finished her Master’s degree in Education (Early Years) from the U.K. Natcha has experience in various nursery settings and is passionate about working with children. She is fascinated to learn, play, and grow along with them and wants to help children experience and enjoy play at the beginning of their childhood. In her free time, she likes to read and travel to explore new places.
K1B Butterflies Teacher Assistant : Kamonwan Krachaiwong (Kru Kwan)
Kru Kwan graduated from Chiang Mai University, majoring in English, and is currently continuing her studies there with a master's degree in psychology. Before joining Panyaden, she worked for 2 years as an activities organiser at a child development center in Chiang Mai. Kru Kwan loves reading, exercising and simply spending time with herself!
Kru Jeab 3
K2 Busy Ants : Tassanee Naksin (Kru Jeab)
Kru Jeab has more than ten years of experience working with kindergarten children. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from Ramkhamhaeng University. She has been with Panyaden since we opened in 2011. For Kru Jeab, the most important thing is to enjoy working and to spread happiness to people everywhere, especially children.
K2 Busy Ants : Christine Centofante (Kru Christine)
Kru Christine (nickname C.J.) is from Prescott, Arizona U.S.A. and has been living in Chiang Mai for over a year now with her two young children and husband. She has her Bachelor's of Arts in English and Creative Writing and is an AMS certified early childhood Montessori teacher. Over the last 9 years she has worked closely with the Montessori philosophy and sees her role as fostering the growth of the whole child - physical, spiritual, emotional and intellectual - and providing an environment where children’s natural curiosity guides their own discovery and love of learning. Whenever she can, she enjoys drinking coffee, being with nature, laughing with friends and family, travelling and eating!
K2 Teacher Assistant : Apiram Ganjanasarid (Kru Ownaen)
Kru Ownaen graduated from Bunditpatanasilpa Institute with a degree in Art Education. Kru Ownaen has nine years' experience in teaching dance, drama and Thai language at a school in Bangkok. In his free time Kru Ownaen enjoys listening to music and playing the guitar, singing, movies, cooking and basketball.
Kru Anthony 2
K2 Honey Bees: Anthony Biddlecombe (Kru Anthony)
Kru Anthony comes all the way from the tiny Isle of Wight in the south of England. A graduate in psychology from the University of Sussex in Brighton, and holder of a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), he has been teaching kindergarten in Chiang Mai for over 5 years. He discovered his passion for teaching when he worked as a swimming teacher, gaining over 10 years’ experience. Anthony enjoys swimming, hiking, SCUBA diving, sunsets and being in nature.
K2 Honey Bees Teacher: Pawarisa Klaynak (Kru Katua)
"Kru Katua holds a Master's degree in Political Science from Chulalongkorn University and a diploma in preschool Montessori teaching from Canada. Before joining Panyaden, she was a lecturer at Naresuan University and worked as a preschool teacher in Hanes Lekestue, Norway, and Headstart Nursery in UAE. She believes that Buddhist values education from an early age helps develop children’s learning so that they can reach their full potential in many positive and fulfilling ways. In her free time, Kru Kratua enjoys exercising and going to the gym, dining, travelling and practising meditation."
Kru Nit
K2 Honey Bees Teacher Assistan: Nittaya Thongrat (Kru Nit)
Kru Nit hold a Bacherlor of Arts in Public Administration from Sukhothai Thammathirat University. She has 14 years experience as a teacher assistant in a kindergarten school. She loves being with children, supportting their learning, and seeing them progress with their skill progress over time.In her free time, She likes cooking, listening to music and enjoying time with her family.


Y1 Dragonflies: Teeraporn Arunkanjanaroj (Kru Tee)
Kru Tee holds a Bachelor's degree in General Management, a Teaching Certificate from Rajabhat Suan Dusit University and a Certificate of Proficiency in Mandarin from Beijing. She has many years of teaching experience including at an international school for 7 years where she was both the Mandarin teacher and school secretary. She has also been an English Programme Coordinator as well as homeschooling her son. She believes that every child is extraordinary and as a teacher, her role is to liberate and develop the potential of children to the maximum.
Y1 Dragonflies Teacher Assistant : Duangporn Srisupha-o-larn (Kru Eedd)
Kru Eedd graduated from Ramkamhang University where she majored in advertising and public relations. She spent 4 years working towards preserving local forests and developing the handicraft industry with local hill tribe groups for the Chiang Mai Development Foundation. She loves being with children, making art and doing needlework together. In her free time she enjoys spending time in the garden.
Kru Myra
Y1 Ladybirds Teacher: Myra Cardenas (Kru Myra)
Kru Myra is originally from Virginia Beach, Virginia. She has been an elementary school teacher and reading specialist for over 10 years and has spent the past 3 years teaching in an international school in Bangkok. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies as well as a Master’s in Teaching with a Post-Master’s Certificate for Reading Specialist. Kru Myra is a lifelong learner who creates learning environments that instill a sense of community, nurtures multiculturalism, and believes in building strong character skills. She enjoys reading, the art of eating, training Muay Thai, traveling, and learning about different cultures.
Kru Dokmai
Y1 Ladybirds Teacher: Jiranat Sriphet (Kru Dokmai)
Kru Dokmai has a Bachelor's degree in Education (Early childhood Education with honours) and a Master’s degree in Education (Developmental Psychology), both from Chulalongkorn University. She was one of the founding teachers of Panyaden International School after 10 years of working as a primary level Thai teacher and coordinator at an international school in Bangkok. Kru Dokmai combines teaching Year 5 (Y5) with her role as Head Teacher for Thai teachers. Kru Dokmai loves to spend time with her family, gardening and taking care of the animals on her small farm. She also loves to cook and prepare meals for her family.
TA K3a
Y1 Ladybirds Teacher Assistant : Mayuree Jaijaroensakundee (Kru Gai)
Kru Gai graduated from Huachiew Chalermprakiet University with a major in Chinese. She has 5 years' experience working with kindergarten children at an international school in Bangkok and this is her third year at Panyaden. Kru Gai loves cooking, reading and travelling.
Kru Praew
Y2 Grasshoppers Teacher: Vatinee Bunjong (Kru Praew)
Kru Praew holds a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture and a Master of Early Childhood Education from Chulalongkorn University. Before joining Panyaden, she spent 6 years teaching art to young Thai children, and 2 years as Early Childhood Head Teacher managing the English program at a private school in Sing-buri. She also worked for 1 year as an English language teacher at a kindergarten in Kyoto. She loves kids, art, music, handcrafts, photography, nature, travelling and yoga.
Kru Om
Y2 Grasshopper Teacher Assistant: Weeranut Srion (Kru Om)
Graduated in Mass Communication from Chiang Mai University, Kru Om has been working in the office as an Academic Secretary in the past 4 years. Kru Om found that it's fascinating to see children grow and develop. This year, she is excited to start her new role as a Teacher Assistant at Year 2 class. In her free time, she likes traveling, gardening, listening to music and spending time with her daughter, Pak. Kru Om and her daughter enjoy being at Panyaden and feel that they have learned so much here. She is excited to learn together with Year 2 students this year!
Y2 Cicadas Teacher: Roseanna O’Hara (Kru Rosie)
Kru Rosie is excited to begin teaching at Panyaden International School this year. She holds a first class Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and a Post Graduate Certificate in Primary Education from Liverpool John Moores University and Liverpool Hope University. Rosie has been teaching in a Primary School in the U.K. for the last four years. Rosie has a passion for street dance and cheerleading and has previously competed in worldwide championships in America. Rosie also loves musical theatre, reading, travelling to new places and animals! She is looking forward to teaching children in an environment so close to nature at Panyaden.
Y2 Cicadas Teacher: Aumporn Panthong (Kru Ta)
Kru Ta has been teaching kindergarten and primary students for more than 15 years. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Primary Education Management, majoring in sports, from Srinakharinwirot University. Kru Ta is passionate about exploring different teaching methods and integrating a Buddhist approach. He believes this will improve both himself and his students. His goal is to help his students enjoy learning. Kru Ta moved his family from Bangkok to Chiang Mai to work at Panyaden.
Kru Mair
Y2 Cicadas Teacher Assistant: Sasiwimon Muangngen (Kru Mair)
Kru Mair holds a Bachelor of Education from Chiang Mai University majoring in French. She used to be Panyaden staff two years ago. She misses Panyaden family a lot and comes back to join us again. She loves reading, watching movies and travelling.
English Coordinator & Y3 Teacher: Leah Johnston (Kru Leah)
Kru Leah holds a Bachelor's degree in teaching from Roehampton University in London. She has 10 years' experience of teaching from K1 to Year 5, in a number of different primary schools across London, specialising in Design and Technology. She has worked with head teachers in London schools to implement Assessment for Learning across all Year groups. Kru Leah enjoys hiking and fitness in her spare time. She also loves the snow and has learned to snowboard in the last few years, a hobby which may be harder to maintain in Thailand! This is Kru Leah’s first year teaching in Thailand and she is very excited to be here.
Kru Pond 3
Y3 Teacher: Phatcharaphorn Kwanthong (Kru Pond)
Kru Pond has 14 years of teaching experience in Thailand and internationally at kindergarten, primary, vocational education and university levels. She holds both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Chiang Mai University. Kru Pond strongly believes in the importance of developing the social and emotional abilities of children in order to build their self-confidence, self-discipline and capacity to care for themselves, others and the environment. She loves cooking and is passionate about art therapy and its benefits to children with special educational needs.
TA Art
Y3 Teacher Assistant : Pattarasin Chuppava (Kru Pat)
Kru Pat holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Art and Culture Management from Chiang Mai University. She has more than 5 years' experience teaching art to students in various settings. In her free time she likes art, travelling and music. Kru Pat loves being with children and is passionate about teaching her students new skills in art.
Y4 Teacher: Jantrarat Nualkaew (Kru Tai)
Kru Tai has been working in the field of Education for 10 years. She graduated with a Bachelor of Education, double majoring in English and Educational Technology from Chulalongkron University in Bangkok. After graduation, she joined an exchange student programme in U.S.A. for a year. She finds working with children fascinating because they always surprise you with their creativity and talent! Kru Tai likes to explore and learn new things and believes that to be a great teacher you have to be a lifelong learner. She likes books, music, travelling, adventure and fitness.
Maths Coordinator & Y4 Teacher: Ellisa Schlotzhauer (Kru Ellisa)
After eight years in South Korea, Kru Ellisa is excited to begin teaching Year 4 (Y4) at Panyaden. She holds a Bachelor of Science, a Bachelor of Education, and a Master of Education in leadership and administration. Originally from Canada, Kru Ellisa has been teaching abroad since 2006, and has experience working with students of all ages from early years to university. In her free time, Ellisa loves hiking, board games, and podcasts.
Kru Oh
Y4 Teacher Assistant: Nattaya Holsakool (Kru Oh)
Originally from Lobuli, Kru Oh holds a Bachelor’s degree and Master degree in Painting, Faculty of Fine Art Chiang Mai University. She has been an art teacher for 16 years in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. She was also a tutor for students from Chiang Mai international school. Her passion is spending time, sharing happy moment with children in the wonderful environment, Panyaden international school!
elizabeth-3 darkenrd
Y5 Teacher: Elizabeth Binyon (Kru Elizabeth)
Kru Elizabeth is from Portland, Oregon in the U.S. She has been a teacher at Panyaden since October 2011, and has taught children and adults for a total of 19 years in Thailand, the US, Japan and Colombia. She has a Master’s in Education, a Bachelor of Fine Arts, as well as a certificate and a Master's Endorsement in Teaching English as a Second Language. Kru Elizabeth is passionate about education and believes that each child can learn in an environment that is engaging and supportive. Her interests include travelling, reading, writing, yoga, hiking with her dog, gardening, cooking, ceramics, surfing, languages, and being a life-long learner.
Kru Kookkai
Y5 Teacher Assistant: Nundapatr Mongkolsitchoth (Kru Kookkai)
Kru Kookkai graduated from Thammasat University, faculty of Social Administration. Before coming to Panyaden, she worked at child development center as an Activities Leader and also created children activities for a travel agency. She is a movie and sport lover. She likes playing many kinds of sports, ex. football, table tennis and volleyball.
Kru Thoey
Y5 Teacher: Piti-an Jamoosri (Kru Thoey)
Kru Thoey holds a Bachelor of Arts in Thai Language and a Master of Education in Thai Language Education from Chiang Mai University. She has worked in the field of education since graduating from university, and has been working as a Thai language lecturer at Chiang Mai University for the past 3 years. Kru Thoey taught Thai language and culture in international schools for 10 years and as an online tutor for 2 years. She loves teaching and enjoys having a good time with students. In her free time, she likes travelling, drinking coffee, listening to music and reading books.
Y6 Teacher: Janjira Stevenson (Kru Jan)
Kru Jan has a Bachelor’s degree in microbiology from Khon Kaen University, Thailand. After graduation, she worked in different roles but became inspired by teacher friends to become one herself. This led to a Bachelor of Education from the University of Winnipeg, Canada. In her free time, Kru Jan likes reading Thai and English books and watching interesting documentaries to gain more knowledge. She believes that self-development should never end, no matter how old you are!
Y6 Teacher: Timothy Mercer (Kru Timber)
Timothy Mercer, nicknamed Timber, joined Panyaden after 7 years of teaching English and Drama in Chiang Mai. A graduate in education from Youngstown State University, Ohio, Kru Timber also spent 8 years teaching on a tiny island country in the Central Pacific called the Republic of Kiribati. A fan of cycling and running, he loves the family atmosphere and mix of cultures at Panyaden.
Kru Aua
Y6 Teacher Assistant: Natha Tepparak (Kru Aua)
Kru Aua has a bachelor’s degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management from North Chiangmai University, Thailand. After graduation, she worked at ECC Language School in Chiangmai for 3 Year. After this job, she has 2 children that inspired her to work in Education. She worked at American Pacific International School Primary for 2 years. Her passion to work at Panyaden is she loves to work in the green and calm environment. Here is the one!
Integrated Coordinator & Y7 Teacher: Bongkot Theppiman (Kru Ying)
Kru Ying graduated with honours from Chiang Mai University and worked as a Thai language and culture teacher at an international school in Chiang Mai and an English teacher in her hometown, Kamphaeng Phet before joining Panyaden three years ago. She is passionate about working with children and believes that the focus of education should be to teach children a sense of responsibility towards themselves, their community and the environment. Kru Ying is a trained Zumba dance instructor – you might even catch her teaching at one of the fitness centres in town!
Buddhist Education Coordinator & Y7 Teacher: Denison Lane (Kru Denny)
Kru Denny joins us from his hometown of Sonoma, California, where he has taught 9th grade for the past 3 years. He received his bachelor’s degree in English Literature and teaching degree from Sonoma State University, where he focused on literacy for English Learners. He enjoys reading, hiking, swimming, cycling, and playing games with friends and family, especially his daughter Maury, a Year 4 student here at Panyaden.

Specialist Teachers

English as Second Language (ESL): Suzanne Greenwood (Kru Suzie)
Kru Suzie comes from Manchester, in the north of England, and has worked in the field of education since graduating from university in Sheffield. She has been teaching English as a Foreign Language for over 10 years in a variety of places around the world including the U.K., Europe, S.E. Asia and South America, but it is Thailand where she has enjoyed living and teaching for many of those years as she loves the scenery, the culture and the people. She enjoys being outdoors and has a passion for music, cycling, camping and exploring new places.
English as Second Language (ESL) and Performing Arts : Georgina Wroe (Kru Georgie)
Kru Georgie gained her Degree in Professional Dance and Musical Theatre from The Urdang Academy in London. She is trained in singing, acting, ballet, tap, contemporary and street dance and performed and taught in England for 6 years, including teaching dance and PE in a primary school for 2 years, appearing in a number of television shows, commercials and even at the London 2012 Olympics! Kru Georgie is also trained to teach English as a Second Language and taught English to Thai students in Bangkok before joining Panyaden. Although she enjoys performing and choreographing, Kru Georgie’s main passion is teaching and nurturing creativity. She believes that through acting, dancing and singing students will gain many important life skills such as perseverance, creative communication, problem solving and collaboration.
Thai as Second Language (TSL) : Patthawan Assawaprapa (Kru Pat)
Kru Pat graduated from Chulalongkorn University with a Bachelor's degree in Communication Arts (major in Speech Communication). She has worked at international schools supporting Preschool, Year 1 and Year 2 classes. In her free time, she likes cooking with her family and reading. Kru Pat believes a teacher’s role is to create an environment that makes children curious to learn. At Panyaden, she is looking forward to encouraging enthusiastic young learners who love to learn.
Kru Pia
TSL Teacher: Pensri Boonnithee (Kru Pia)
"Kru Pia has a Bachelor of Arts in English from Ramkhamhaeng University. She worked as a Teacher’s Assistant at an international school in Bangkok for 7 years before joining Panyaden. She loves working with children and believes in their natural curiosity and abilities to learn new things. Guiding and supporting children in their learning journey is a difficult but extremely rewarding job for Kru Pia.She's very grateful and excited live in Chiang Mai and to be a part of Panyaden."
Visual Arts : Karuna Ruamthammarak (Kru Or)
Graduating with honours in Fine Arts from Chiang Mai University, Kru Or is studying for a graduate teaching diploma at Far Eastern University. Panyaden’s Art teacher for 6 years, she is lively and funny and every day you will see groups of children enjoying art with laughter. With experience as a primary school art teacher, and having run many art workshops for children during the weekends, she is clearly a passionate artist in every facet of her life.
Kru Tee New
Performing Arts : Teeraphan Naksin (Kru Tee)
Kru Tee graduated with a Political Science degree from Ramkhamhaeng University. Because of his passion for music and children, he changed direction to become a music teacher and now has more than 10 years' experience in teaching music. Kru Tee is living his life according to the Buddha’s teaching and aims to teach children to understand and lead the Buddhist way of life.
Kru Noy Final
Physical Education & Life Skills : Sathaporn Sriphet (Kru Noy)
Kru Noy is head of PE and Life Skills. He joined us from an international school in Bangkok where he worked for 10 years as a primary level PE teacher. He has both Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Physical Education. He is very active and in his free time he enjoys gardening, photography and cycling.
Librarian : Kritush Chainon (Kru Ocean)
Kru Ocean has a lifelong love of reading and writing who discovered the joys of sharing books while volunteering at a local library. Graduating from Chiang Mai University with a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications, Kru Ocean has worked at a Child and Youth Development Camp and has almost 10 years' experience as a writer, columnist and blogger. His goal is promote literacy and a love of reading in young people.