2019-2020 Academic Year Tuition Fee Structure

School fees and initial charges are reviewed annually. 

Initial Charges

In addition to ongoing payments for current students, Panyaden includes the following charges as part of the application process and before an applicant starts their first term:

Pre Entrance Assessment Fee  (Nursery-Year 2 : 2,000 THB) & (Year 3-Year 9 : 3,000 THB)
This is non-refundable fee due with each application. All students are required to to attend an assessment with our teachers before being considered for admission to the school. The amount is payable in advance of the assessment.

Admission Fee (45,000 THB) 
Once a place is offered at Panyaden International School, parents return an acceptance form along with 45,000 THB (per child) in order to secure a place for the child. This fee is non-refundable.

Refundable Deposit (Nursery-Year 6 : 5,000 THB) & (Year 7-Year 9 : 30,000 THB)
A refundable deposit of 5,000 THB is payable for each child and invoiced along with tuition fees. Conditions of refund: upon student’s graduation from Panyaden; or when written notice is received at least one school term before child leaves; or when Panyaden requires applicant’s department for reasons other than disciplinary. It is returned after the clearance and deduction of any outstanding charges

The Tuition fees and other fees for the 2019/20 School Year are:

(All tuition fees are listed in Thai baht. Discounts are available for 2nd child at 10% and 3rd or more child at 15% with attending Panyaden)

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Fee Structure 2018

Fee Structure 2019

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