Year 7 Field Trip: Akha Ama

Panyaden Y7 field trip to Akha Ama Living Factory to learn about running a business

Panyaden Year 7 Field Trip to Akha Ama

Panyaden International School Chiang Mai Year 7 students visit Akha Ama Living Factory, an​ ​internationally recognized ​​social enterprise​​ ​that sells coffee produced and processed by the​ ​Akha villagers themselves in Maejantai (Chiang Rai). A great opportunity for the students to learn about fair trade, how to run a​ ​business as well as the potential challenges and the keys to success​!​ Visit Panyaden’s blog image gallery for more photos.

Panyaden Field Trip: Y7 visits Akha Ama Living Factory Panyaden Y7 Field Trip: learning about coffee Panyaden Y7 Field Trip: learning about coffee 2

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