Wise Habit, Sacca Week 3

A story about being truthful

Panyaden wise habit session, Sacca (week 3)

Here is today’s story about Sacca (being truthful) that the Master Sacca shared with us.

“There once was a little rabbit who lived in the forest. One day, her mother fell sick so Rabbit went to the forest to find some medicinal herbs. Along came a big bad wolf who caught her for his meal. Rabbit begged Mr. Wolf to let her go so that she could take the herbs home for her mother but promised to come back so that he can eat her. Hungry as he was, Mr. Wolf was impressed by the little rabbit and let her go. 3 days later, Rabbit came back, presented herself and said he could now eat her. Mr. Wolf felt sorry. He said he would not eat her because she was truthful and kept her promises. From that day on, they became good friends.”

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