Panyaden Summer School students in Chiang Mai

Panyaden Summer School’s theme this week is ‘water’. Yesterday, everyone first went to Ob Khan National Park in the morning to observe aquatic life and splash around in the cool river.

In the afternoon, we each spent time observing ice melting and condensing into little droplets that are then released into the air to combine with other water vapors to form clouds. After that, we all changed into our swimsuits and jumped into our school pool to enjoy the refreshing water to cool off again on this hot summer day in Chiang Mai.

Finally, we washed the little rocks we had collected from Ob Khan and around our school for painting interesting patterns for use as ornaments or just simply creative pieces of art.

Panyaden Summer School students in school pool in Chiang Mai  Panyaden Summer School 2013 student showing off his painted rock  Panyaden student with his painted rock, Summer School Chiang Mai

More photos here on the blog image galleries:
https://www.panyaden.ac.th/april-2013/ob-khan-field-trip/ and

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