Wai Kru Day 2014

Thank you teachers!

Flower offerings for Wai Kru Day, Panyaden School Chiang Mai

Each year at the beginning of the school term, Panyaden School joins students throughout Thailand on Wai Kru Day to formally express our gratitude and appreciation to our teachers. This morning, we presented heartfelt essay tributes and flowers (representing respect, patience, perseverance, discipline and intelligence) arranged beautifully on a phan or wrapped in banana leaves to all our teachers. Thank you for your hard work, guidance and care!

Read today’s Wai Kru Day speech by School Director, Neil Amas.

Panyaden School students paying respects to teachers on Wai Kru Day
Tributes written by our student. Click image for larger picture.
Wai Kru Day essay (Thai) by Panyaden student IMG_20140612_093222 IMG_20140612_093210 Dear Teachers by Panyaden School Prathom 5 student, Pam Vivi-P4

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