Visitors from Wat Suan Dok University

children-present-12-wise-habits-to-visiting-monks-1Panyaden School students present school's wise habits for Chiang Mai visitors children-present-12-wise-habits-to-visiting-monks-4


Today 29 monks from Wat Suan Dok University, Chiang Mai, visited our school. Our P1-6 students welcomed them with presentations of Panyaden’s 12 wise habits in action in our assembly hall before our school director, Neil Amas, took them on a tour of our green campus. The monks, who come from Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar and Bangladesh, praised our students for their good behaviour and politeness. Well done everyone! children-present-12-wise-habits-to-visiting-monks-10 children-present-12-wise-habits-to-visiting-monks-5 children-present-12-wise-habits-to-visiting-monks-8 children-present-12-wise-habits-to-visiting-monks-2 children-present-12-wise-habits-to-visiting-monks-9 children-present-12-wise-habits-to-visiting-monks-7 children-present-12-wise-habits-to-visiting-monks

Above photos of the visit are taken by Ally Taylor. See more here.

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