Two New Ingredients

‘Wiriya Chakriyanuyok’ ความเพียร (วิริยะ) &

‘Khanti’ การอดทนอดกลั้น (ขันติ)

Michel Thibeault, head teacher of Panyaden School, a bilingual school in CHiang Mai

Kru Michel is learning to write the Thai alphabet. Try as he might, he could not quite get it right. However, he does not give up; he keeps persevering until he can write it correctly. His commitment and tenacity embodies for us one of this week’s 2 wise habits, Persevering or ‘Wiriya’ (วิริยะ).

To persevere requires ‘Khanti’ (ขันติ), another wise habit which means being patient and tolerant. To help our Kung Fu Chef illustrate this attribute, Kru Michel played the role of a hungry boy who has been waiting for a long time for his father (played expertly by Kru Noy!) to bring him food. In spite of his growling stomach, he waited quietly and patiently for his dinner without complaint.

Teacher of Panyaden School acting as a Chef. Panyaden is a bilingual (Thai & English) school in Chiang Mai.    Thai & English teachers role-playing for students at Panyaden school, bilingual school in Chiang Mai  

The Kung Fu Chef is sure that our students will come out with many more ways to practice these 2 good habits this week. He is looking forward to reading their letters and stories next Monday. And of course they can help him enhance the flavour of his very special soup by adding in these tasty new ingredients.

Thai teacher at bilingual school in Chiang Mai, Panyaden School   We have both foreign and Thai students at our bilingual school in Chiang Mai, Panyaden.

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