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Alternative to Plastic Wrap

_mg_2015-logo Panyaden parent, Antionette, came to the Year 2 class to show students how to make wax-coated fabric squares

Panyaden parent, Antionette, Ylvie’s mum, came to the Year 2 class to show students how to make wax-coated fabric squares. Students learned about an alternative to plastic wrap for food and other things and at the same time were able to make something useful to take home. Super bees!

Panyaden parent teachers Year 2 students how to make beeswax fabric Panyaden students making beeswax fabric, an alternative to paper and plastic Making beeswax fabric, Panyaden International School beeswax fabric-making, Panyaden International School Happy Y2 students with their super beeswax fabrics, Panyaden International School

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Panyaden Year 2 Field Trip

Panyden International School Year 2 student with her earthen pot made at Muang Kung Pottery Village, CHiang Mai

What is it made of? Year 2 learn how Muang Kung Pottery Village artisans use clay to make useful household utensils the traditional way. Our students also enjoyed the opportunity to craft their own earthen cups and pots to take home!

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Preparing Seed Balls for Rice Planting

IMG_5306-logo Year 1 preparing rice seed balls for rice planting at Panyaden International School
Year 2 students prepare rice seedlings for their young kindergarten friends for tomorrow’s annual rice planting. This traditional technique compacts soil into mud balls to that the rice plants can be thrown into the field instead of pushed into the ground. Easier for little hands!

_MG_7874-logo Panyaden Year 1 students making rice seed balls for planting at school

IMG_5277-logo Rice seed balls, Panyaden International School

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