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EM Balls Project

Small Hands, Big Heart

Hand-made EM balls by students and teachers of Panyaden School

Our students, staff and a few of our parents went down on their hands and knees on Monday to make EM (Effective Micro-organism) balls that will be sent to help flood victims decontaminate dirty floodwater.

Science teacher from Panyaden SchoolThe activity was led by our Science teacher, Kru Ota who showed us how to mix and lump together sand, rice bran, tapioca flour, molasses, fermented foods, water and EM-D solution* into innocuous little mud balls. The mixture of micro-organisms in these mud balls can rid polluted floodwater of any foul odours caused by a build-up of unwanted fat, protein, starch and ‘bad’ bacteria, thus improving its quality.

Our EM Balls project is only small. We have just 43 pairs of small hands, plus a few bigger ones provided by teachers and parents. It was a hot day but everyone put in their share to meet our goal of a thousand EM balls that will be delivered to an aid organisation in Bangkok for distribution to flood victims.

While our EM balls may make a relatively small splash in the flood waters around Bangkok, the effort and kindness of our children will demonstrate our big heart.

We are teaching our children the significance of the floods and why we all need to show kindness at this time of difficulty for many people. With parents, teachers and children working together, the small ripples of our EM balls will carry the big heart of our school.

No matter how small one’s act of kindness, it raises the level of kindness overall.

 EM Ball Ingredients on Panyaden School Chalkboard  Getting hands dirty to help make EM Balls at Panyaden School  Nursery student making EM balls at Panyaden School  Science teacher from Panyaden School, leader of EM Balls Project  Maths & Science Teacher of Panyaden School, bilingual school in Chiang Mai
 EM balls for Thai flood victims made by Panyaden School students, teachers and parents Panyaden School students and teachers making EM balls for Thai flood victims  EM Balls project by Panyaden School for flood victims in Thailand
 Panyaden School teachers and staff chipping in to make EM mud balls  Panyaden teachers shaping EM balls for cleaning flood water  Panyaden School's Science teacher pouring solution for EM balls  All hands on deck! Nursery students making EM balls at Panyaden School
 Young nursery and kindergarten students shaping lumps of EM Balls at Panyaden School  Home Room teacher making EM mud balls with young student  A box of mudballs for flood victims to clean water. Made by Panyaden student  Nursery students of Panyaden School carrying in their finshed Em balls to the school assembly hall
 Parents of Panyaden School students chipping in to make EM balls at the school  Parent helping young kindergarten student with load of EM balls at Panyaden School  Primary student of Panyaden School with EM balls  Panyaden School's primary/prathom students posing with box of EM balls they made
 All hands on deck for EM Balls Project at Panyaden School, bilingual school in Chiang Mai  Panyaden Primary School student with her load of EM Balls  Panyaden School nursery student adding her EM ball to the rack  Panyaden School student helping to line up EM balls to dry.

*a solution containing effective or ‘good’ microorganisms like yeast, lactic acid and photosynthetic bacteria (https://www.satavic.org/effectivemicroorganisms.htm, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Effective_microorganism).

See also article in Chiang Mai Mail Vol. X No 17.