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Panyaden Green Contribution Day (Year 2 & 5)

Panyaden International School Year 2 and 5 students visit Pur Farm to plant trees

Doing our bit for conservation! Year 2 and Year 5 plant trees at Pur Farm to help rebuild and preserve our precious natural environment. Students were also able to see the trees they themselves planted 3 years ago. Pur Farm is a local, village-based project that aims to reforest land in Mae Taeng that was stripped of trees, upsetting the local ecosystem.

Panyaden International School student with the tree he planted at Pur Farm 3 years ago _mg_0102-logo Panyaden International School traveling to Pur Farm Panyaden International School teachers and students ready to plant trees at Pur Farm to help towards its conservation efforts. Ready to plant my tree! Panyaden International student at Pur Farm Panyaden International School primary student ready to plant her tree at Pur Farm Chiangmai

Lots more photos here on the blog.

Continuing Our Reading Activities

Drop Everything And Read!

Young students reading outdoors at Panyaden School

Reading is one of most important skills your child will ever learn. Cultivating a love of reading was the main purpose of our Panyaden School Reading Week.

During that week, we focused on engaging activities like storytelling, role-playing characters from books as well as our ‘Drop Everything And Read’ (DEAR) and ‘Book in a Bag’ programmes.

Book bags from Panyaden School
Book Bag
storytelling time during reading week at panyaden school
Storytelling time during Reading Week

Continuing Reading Activities

 Panyaden School English teacher reading a story to the pupils  Students of Panyaden School enjoying reading outdoors in the playground  Boys reading their books at Panyaden School
Though Reading Week is now over we are continuing reading activities as follows:


  • On regular occasions, such as in during assembly, we will ask children to literally drop everything and read. Children and teachers will find a corner, a cushion or any seat and read a book of their choice.
  • At lunch times we will encourage students to ‘Read under a Tree’ by leaving cushions and a basket of books in the shade of a tree. Teachers will from time to time sit with them and read a story.
  • ‘One Leaf at a Time’ and ‘Where in the World’ – we launched our ‘Book in a Bag’ programme during Reading Week where a child brings home books in a special bag. After finishing a book, the students fill out a label which is then placed on a world map outside our library. They also glue leaves on our paper Reading Tree to show the growing number of books they have read.
 A quiet read under the shade at Panyaden School  Dropping everything to read. Photo of students at Panyaden School  Panyaden School students reading outdoors

Reading Week Activity

One leaf at a Time

Panyaden’s children are encouraged to add a leaf to the tree at the front of our library every time they finish reading a book.

ทุกๆครั้งที่เด็กอ่านหนังสือจบหนึ่งเล่ม เด็กก็จะได้เก็บใบไม้หนึ่งใบมาติดไว้ที่ต้นปัญญาเด่นของเราไปเรื่อยๆ

Panyaden School students pinning leaves to Reading Tree

Panyaden School student pinning a leaf to the paper tree after having finished reading a book