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Loy Krathong

Panyaden School gives thanks on Loy Krathong day

Getting ready to float krathongs at Panyaden School Chiang Mai

Today, our students, staff and parents joined many in Chiang Mai and elsewhere in Thailand in making their own krathongs. After that, we sang and danced our way to the school swimming pool where two representatives gave a bilingual introduction on the meaning of Loy Krathong.


Loy Krathong is a charming Thai celebration held annually on the full moon of the twelfth lunar month (November). This festival pays respect to the Buddha and to rivers that give us life, asking for forgiveness for any pollution or misuse by humans and to give thanks for the water that gives us sustenance. It is also seen as a ceremony to float away any bad luck from the last 12 months.

‘Loy’ means ‘to float,’ while ‘krathong’ refers to the lotus-shaped vessel that floats on water. The krathong is usually made of banana leaves wrapped around the cut trunk of a banana tree or a spider lily plant. It contains food, betel nuts, flowers, joss sticks, candles and sometimes coins.

    Kindergarten students join the Loy Krathong procession, Panyaden School Chiang Mai     

After the introduction by our able MCs, we enjoyed a traditional Thai dance, “Rabam Sukhothai” performed especially for this festival by our dance students. The ceremony ended with a gesture of our gratitude to the Buddha and to the River Goddess. We lifted our krathongs to say thank you and made a silent wish before carefully releasing them onto the water.

Happy Loy Krathong everyone!



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