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Panyaden Y5 Life Skills

Panyaden International School Life Skills programme: Year 5 (Y5) students preparing field for rice planting at school.
Year 5 students preparing our fields for rice planting later this month. Panyaden’s Life Skills programme integrates practical skills (like how to use a hoe), science and social science (the rice plant life cycle and crop production) and essential personal qualities like perseverance, patience, teamwork and valuing the work of others (such as the farmers who work in the hot sun to produce the food that we eat). Skills for Life!

Fun Learning @Panyaden

Panyaden International School Upper Primary students making their own raft

Raft builders!

Upper primary students  learn hands-on about the buoyancy properties of different materials by building their own raft to float on the river later in the week. Science, practical life skills, teamwork and fun all in one.

Upper Primary students making their own raft to learn about buoyancy, Panyaden International School Science class: Panyaden International School upper primary students learn about buoyancy by making their own raft

Panyaden Sports Day 2015

Panyaden Sports Day 2015

Panyaden celebrated Sports Day 2015 today with a colourful display of flags, games, races, dancing and cheers. From the 50-metres dash to a ‘Crazy Race’ featuring one-handed orange peeling and apple-bobbing, it was a day filled with enthusiasm, high spirits and lots and lots of fun! The colour-coded teams cheered from the sidelines with pre-rehearsed chants in Thai, English and even Xhosa (!) written by students and teachers. The students also made their own team flags and banners as well as pom-poms. Good sportsmanship, teamwork and best effort was evident. Thank you, Kru Noy, Kru Pippa and the Sports Day Committee, it was a great success!

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Prathom Budding Day

Prathom students celebrate Budding Day

dsc_8570 My Project presentaion on Prathom Budding Day, Panyaden School
Panyaden School’s Prathom Budding Day celebrations kicked off today with many homeroom activities headed by our elementary students. In the P5-6 class, for example, parents joined their children in drawing maps, listened to a presentation on Chiang Mai’s history and learnt some Thai dance movements. P4 students played different parts of a tree and described their functions. The other classes demonstrated their Mathematics and Science skills as well as oil painting techniques.

An exposition of our students’ art (both Anuban and Prathom) was also held at our assembly hall for all to enjoy between activities. It was fun to see everyone enthusiastically participating in the dances, games as well as planting and art sessions.

dsc_7770 Student art exhibition, Panyaden School Chiang Mai dsc_8336 dsc_8379 dsc_8433 dsc_8155 dsc_8049

At 11am, we gathered in the same hall for the much-awaited ‘My Project’ presentations. With the help of specialists and advisors, our students decided individually or in teams the projects they wanted to work on. We saw the result of their thinking, planning, effort and teamwork in the showcase today. Some learnt to design and sew their own clothes, three grew vegetables while others combined their talents to create board games. A few students built colourful birdhouses to beautify the school. Each team presented a video and shared with us the wise habits and other lessons learnt and applied along the way.

Well done and thank you to all our Anuban and Prathom students for celebrating your studies and hard work with us these 2 days! We look forward to learning more together in the new term.

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Panyaden Annual Sports Day 2013

Panyaden School Chiang Mai Sports Day 2013-part-3-3

At the ring of the bell, we raced to the school football field to join our schoolmates and teachers for the start of Panyaden’s annual Sports Day. Kru Dokmai and Kru Michel welcomed everyone before Kru Ou led a fun aerobic warm-up for the sporting events ahead.

Panyaden School Chiang Mai Sports-day 2013 Student rapping during Panyaden School Sports Day 2013 in Chiang Mai Aerobics at Panyaden School Chiang Mai Sports Day Rap by School Director, Neil Amas on Sports Day 2013, Panyaden School Chiang Mai sports-day-2013-part-3-8

Divided into green and orange teams, we cheered, raced in sacks, ran, bowled and bounced on colourful giant balls towards the finishing lines. Sometimes we had to help our teammates up especially when they fell back during tug-of-war. It was an exhilarating (and happily exhausting!) day of sportsmanship, bonding, teamwork and fun with our schoolmates, teachers and parents ending with a crowd-pleasing song by Kru Neil dressed up as a cool rapper impressively accompanied by our schoolmate, MC Noah. They rapped about Panyaden’s wise habit, Caga, a fitting reminder on this day to be generous and gracious in winning.

sports-day-2013-part-1-7 Bouncing game, Panyaden School Sports Day Chiang Mai sports-day-2013-part-1-6 sports-day-2013-part-1-5  Sack race, Panyaden School Chiang Mai Sports Day sports-day-2013-part-1-9

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