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Panyaden Life Skills Class

Panyaden Life Skills class- Y6 and 7 students rice harvesting

Life Skills Class

Our rice plants have thrived despite the October flash floods. Year 6/7 Life Skills class is back to help harvest the crops, a great way to learn first-hand about the life of a rice farmer, to learn practical skills and work as a team. See more photos of the activity here in our school blog gallery and our Facebook page.

Panyaden’s Life Skills programme engages our students in interactive learning such as sustainable living, useful traditional know-how and crafts as well as outdoor survival skills. It also gives students practical opportunities to acquire valuable life skills lessons and essential personal qualities that can be applied to many different areas of their lives. Find out more about the programme on our website’s curriculum page.

Teamwork. Panyaden Life Skills class - Y6/7 students harvest rice together Panyaden Life Skills class - Y6/7 students harvesting rice Panyaden Year 6/7 life skills class - group photo after the harvest

Science, fitness and fun!

DSCF3531 Panyaden School grade 2 summer programme students at Crossfit Chiangmai
Panyaden Prathom 2 students enjoying a memorable day out at Crossfit Chiangmai where they learned about the forces of pushing and pulling as they relate to sport science and exercise, as well as why it is important to work as a team. Science, fitness and fun! Thank you so much to our wonderful hosts, Kru Andrew, Kru Monica and the rest of the staff at Crossfit Chiangmai.

DSCF3744 Panyaden School grade 2 summer programme students at Crossfit Chiangmai DSCF3723 DSCF3695 Panyaden School grade 2 summer programme students at Crossfit Chiangmai

DSCF3563 Panyaden School grade 2 summer programme students at Crossfit Chiangmai

DSCF3810 Panyaden School grade 2 summer programme students at Crossfit Chiangmai

Lots more photos here on the blog and on Facebook.

P3 Explorers and Adventurers

Panyaden School Grade 3 rock climbing

Explorers and Adventurers! Panyaden’s Grade 3 students get hands on experience of being an explorer, making a real-life link to their current unity of study, ‘Explorers and Adventurers’. A great opportunity to build resilience, overcome fears, build trust and work as a team.

DSCF4137 Panyaden School Grade 3 students rock climbing in Chiang MaiDSCF4127 Panyaden School Head Teacher, Michel Thibeault rock climbing with Grade 3 (P3) studentsDSCF4115 Prathom (Grade) 3 student rock climbing, Panyaden School CHiang MaiDSCF4045 Easy does it. Panyaden Grade 3 student rock climbing in Chiang Mai

Lots more photos of the students’ adventure here!

Teacher Training At Panyaden

Leading By Example

Teachers and students at english international school in Chiang Mai

Our students’ achievements are dependent not only on their teachers’ skills and knowledge but also on their actions. At Panyaden School, we believe that our teachers should lead by example. This is why we place high priority on regular training and professional development of our teachers. Most of our teachers have been on our in-house training programme for between six and twelve months.

Teacher of Panyaden School, English school in Chiang Mai Panyaden school teachers at meeting, bilingual school in Chiang Mai

Our training programme includes:


Personal and spiritual growth through the practical application of Buddha’s teachings and meditation: courses, discussions and retreats to know and experience the Buddhist way of life and how we apply it to our school.


Learning to teach: helping teachers to facilitate learning by applying proven tools and approaches such as Emergenetics® Profiling (see earlier post) and Constructivism Theory, which put students at the centre of learning.


Curriculum development: setting objectives, integrating topics and subjects and writing effective lesson plans.


The International Primary Curriculum (IPC): understanding the IPC and how to apply it to Panyaden School.


Bilingual learning: methods, best practice and understanding ‘what works’ in bilingual schools.


Team teaching: planning, teaching and assessing as a team.


Working together: understanding and appreciating cultural differences and how to manage these in the staff room and classroom.


Teaching techniques, classroom presentation and materials development:creating lively and conducive learning environments; using engaging materials; employing methods that complement the varying learning profiles of children.


Evaluation techniques:how to continually assess a child at each stage of development, assess strengths and areas for improvement and to arrange learning activities accordingly.


Classroom management: how to manage students who may be shy in class, who may have difficulty focusing, who are disruptive and so on.


Green awareness: understanding environmentally-friendly practices and how to apply these in daily life.


First aid training: all staff receive regular basic first aid training. Our fully certified first aiders regularly update their training to meet national requirements.


Teachers training (Panyaden School, bilingual school in Chiang Mai) First Aid at bilingual Panyaden School, Thailand bilingual school in Chiang Mai, Panyaden teachers with students Panyaden School (bilingual school in Chiang Mai) teacher with school children Panyaden School Director with students at Panyaden Summer School, English school in Chiang Mai Nursery student with Panyaden School teachers, English school in Chiang Mai