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Panyaden’s Honoured Visitors

Venerable guests at Panyaden School
Venerable Ajahn Jayasaro and Venerable Ajahn Jiew visited Panyaden to give a Dhamma Talk, see our classrooms in action and give advice to our students and teachers. Students prepared and offered food to our venerable guests and teachers hosted a workshop to present some of Panyaden’s new initiatives for 2016-17. We were also honoured to receive visiting teachers from our partner schools, Thawsi and Panyaprateep, with whom we exchanged ideas and experiences.

DSCF2843   DSCF3068


More photos here on the blog.

Visitors Impressed with Panyaden

DSCF9401 ASEAN Executive Management Program delegation with Panyaden School team
40 senior executives from the government and private sectors visited Panyaden to find out about our educational approach. The visitors, who are all taking an ASEAN Executive Management course at Thammasat University, met our management team, teachers and students and experienced first hand the Panyaden way of learning though student-led activities, such as rice planting and the mindfulness programme, and classroom observations. They wanted to know how our model of education will shape the future generation as Thailand prepares for ASEAN integration. Here are some of their comments during the visit.

  • “Children here are different, their eyes are shining! Wow!”
  • “If I had a child, I would send him to this school but it’s too late now!”
  • “We should have branches of the school in every province!”
  • ”There is real support for individual learning here.”

Well done to all Panyaden students, teachers and parents!

DSCF9257 ASEAM EMP visitors at Panyaden DSCF9276 ASEAM EMP visitors at Panyaden DSCF9358 ASEAM EMP visitors at Panyaden DSCF9317 ASEAM EMP visitors at Panyaden DSCF9324 ASEAM EMP visitors at Panyaden DSCF9354 ASEAM EMP visitors at Panyaden

More photos on the blog.

Winter Aerobics!

Impromptu aerobics session at Panyaden School Chiang Mai
An inpromptu aerobic session this morning warmed up both students and teachers during this cold snap. What started as a small exercise to music activity for K2, soon became a full-on aerobic dance session as one-by-one the other Kindergarten classes emerged from their classrooms to join in the fun. Finally, even the administration and office support staff could not resist, and the whole place was jumping…literally!

Lets exercise! Panyaden School students gear up for aerobics session.