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Panyaden Y5 Life Skills

Panyaden International School Life Skills programme: Year 5 (Y5) students preparing field for rice planting at school.
Year 5 students preparing our fields for rice planting later this month. Panyaden’s Life Skills programme integrates practical skills (like how to use a hoe), science and social science (the rice plant life cycle and crop production) and essential personal qualities like perseverance, patience, teamwork and valuing the work of others (such as the farmers who work in the hot sun to produce the food that we eat). Skills for Life!

Fun Learning @Panyaden

Panyaden International School Upper Primary students making their own raft

Raft builders!

Upper primary students  learn hands-on about the buoyancy properties of different materials by building their own raft to float on the river later in the week. Science, practical life skills, teamwork and fun all in one.

Upper Primary students making their own raft to learn about buoyancy, Panyaden International School Science class: Panyaden International School upper primary students learn about buoyancy by making their own raft

Science, fitness and fun!

DSCF3531 Panyaden School grade 2 summer programme students at Crossfit Chiangmai
Panyaden Prathom 2 students enjoying a memorable day out at Crossfit Chiangmai where they learned about the forces of pushing and pulling as they relate to sport science and exercise, as well as why it is important to work as a team. Science, fitness and fun! Thank you so much to our wonderful hosts, Kru Andrew, Kru Monica and the rest of the staff at Crossfit Chiangmai.

DSCF3744 Panyaden School grade 2 summer programme students at Crossfit Chiangmai DSCF3723 DSCF3695 Panyaden School grade 2 summer programme students at Crossfit Chiangmai

DSCF3563 Panyaden School grade 2 summer programme students at Crossfit Chiangmai

DSCF3810 Panyaden School grade 2 summer programme students at Crossfit Chiangmai

Lots more photos here on the blog and on Facebook.

Prathom Budding Day 2015

Prathom Budding Day 2015, Panyaden School

Prathom Celebration of Learning

Panyaden’s primary school students were thrilled to be our teachers on Budding Day. Their hard work and best effort were evident as they engaged parents in Thai, English, PE, Maths, Music, Science and other activities to demonstrate the skills and understanding they have developed throughout the first term. A wonderful experience for all!

DSCF2572 Celebration of learning at Panyaden School Chiang Mai DSCF2632 Prathom (Primary) Budding Day, Panyaden School DSCF2796 Prathom (Primary) Budding Day, Panyaden School

More photos on the blog and Facebook.

Social Contribution by Prathom Students

Prathom social contribution, Panyaden School

Yesterday, students from Prathom 2, 5 and 6 visited Rappaport school in Bor Kaew, Sameong, as part of our annual social contribution initiative. Rappaport is a kindergarten and primary school serving poor hill tribe communities in the hills of Samoeng, Chiang Mai.

The school has very little resources and basic facilities. Our teachers and students created educational activities for the local Anuban students. We had fun presenting 5 learning stations consisting of Art, PE, Music, Science and a puppet show. We also gave donations contributed by our parents, students and staff such as shoes, raincoats, cooking utensils, mats, clothes and money. The children loved all the activities and thanked us enthusiastically at the end of our visit.

Click here for more photos on the blog and on our Facebook page.

DSCF0893 DSCF0901 DSCF0921

Kindergarten 2 Science

Fun with Colour

Kindergarten 2- Tie-dye T-shirts, Panyaden School

Over the past week, Kindergarten 2 has been experimenting with colour. Through various activities and keen observation, they learned to differentiate the spectrum of colours and hues. Take a look at the bright tie-dye tees they made for themselves!

During the experiments, our children also learned to apply wise habits like chanda (being enthusiastic), viriya (perseverance) along with khanti (being patient and tolerant).

More photos of Kindergarten 2’s Science experiments here.

Panyaden School Kindergarten 2 class with their colourful T-shirts
Kindergarten 2 class with their colourful T-shirts

Kindergarten 2 fun with colours, Panyaden School Chiang Mai Kindergarten 2 Science - Fun with colour, Panyaden School

K1 Nature Ramble

Children enjoying nature

Kindergarten student enthralled by flower, Panyaden School

Today, our Kindergarten 1 children went on a nature ramble around our school grounds. By closely observing the colour of stems, leaves, flowers and roots, the students learnt to enjoy and love the beauty, science and art of the natural world around them.

Kindergarten students on nature walk, Panyaden School 536997_193144744207494_227036754_n 1425567_193144717540830_1669876116_n 1456041_193144494207519_633223533_n
More photos here on the blog.

Prathom Budding Day

Prathom students celebrate Budding Day

dsc_8570 My Project presentaion on Prathom Budding Day, Panyaden School
Panyaden School’s Prathom Budding Day celebrations kicked off today with many homeroom activities headed by our elementary students. In the P5-6 class, for example, parents joined their children in drawing maps, listened to a presentation on Chiang Mai’s history and learnt some Thai dance movements. P4 students played different parts of a tree and described their functions. The other classes demonstrated their Mathematics and Science skills as well as oil painting techniques.

An exposition of our students’ art (both Anuban and Prathom) was also held at our assembly hall for all to enjoy between activities. It was fun to see everyone enthusiastically participating in the dances, games as well as planting and art sessions.

dsc_7770 Student art exhibition, Panyaden School Chiang Mai dsc_8336 dsc_8379 dsc_8433 dsc_8155 dsc_8049

At 11am, we gathered in the same hall for the much-awaited ‘My Project’ presentations. With the help of specialists and advisors, our students decided individually or in teams the projects they wanted to work on. We saw the result of their thinking, planning, effort and teamwork in the showcase today. Some learnt to design and sew their own clothes, three grew vegetables while others combined their talents to create board games. A few students built colourful birdhouses to beautify the school. Each team presented a video and shared with us the wise habits and other lessons learnt and applied along the way.

Well done and thank you to all our Anuban and Prathom students for celebrating your studies and hard work with us these 2 days! We look forward to learning more together in the new term.

Visit our Panyaden blog gallery for today’s photos by Ally Taylor.

End Of Term Student Presentations

Students present work to their parents at Panyaden School Chiang Mai

Panyaden School students gave a marvelous display of their work this term on Sept 27. Every class played music, sang, danced and engaged their parents in their learning. They participated in games with their parents and answered questions to show what they have learnt in Math, Science, Geography, English, Art, History and even physical exercise.

Michel Thibault, Head Teacher, said that this end of term celebration was a wonderful opportunity for the children to share with their parents what they have studied this term.

The students’ bilingual presentations on academic subjects and issues like environmental issues expressed through art, health, recycling and art history, were passionate and confident. It was interesting to see how they cleverly integrated different subjects and used them for further learning; for example, they enacted roles from different cultures in Drama Class as part of their World Tour to learn about the geography, history and life of peoples from different countries.

For many parents and the school, it was wonderful to see how much their children have grown within the year and how much they clearly enjoyed learning. We look forward to the upcoming term!

Ally Taylor’s photos on our blog’s September image gallery: