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Welcome Back To Panyaden

Screen shot 2014-06-10 at PM 02.33.10by Neil Amas, School Director

DSC_1716 Panyaden School Director, Neil AmasA very warm welcome to new and returning parents. We are very excited to see the school growing and developing. We will open new music and dance/drama rooms this year and have added an English language support teacher and additional PE teacher.

Having new faces around the school always helps me to appreciate how much our old teachers have grown and taken on the Panyaden way of learning. As one of those recalled to me last year, ‘’When you offered me a position here I had to think carefully. I realised that working here would not be just a job, but a commitment to a way of life.” I was pleased to hear this. Our goal is to build a new way of thinking about contemporary education.

Advances in information technology, an increasingly mobile global workforce and growing ASEAN harmonisation put into focus the need for a new generation of bilingual, internationally-minded young people. But this does not mitigate the equally strong need to preserve the traditional Thai customs and manners that preserve the spirit of our local communities. With Buddhist values as core building blocks, we look to build a future society that venerates trust, forgiveness and social responsibility instead of material gain and self-interest.

Sounds a bit utopian? Maybe. But this is not really new, and the methods are certainly not unfounded. 2,500 years ago the Buddha taught that that if we practise moral conduct and train the mind to be resilient, the wisdom that follows will lead us to a happy and successful life. Modern education research also backs up this approach. The focus of the new educationalists is now on emotional intelligence, social skills and resilience, not only the cognitive skills for so long valued through IQ tests. Progress in these areas are now seen to indicate later success in the world of work, study and family life.

So thank you for choosing this path – there will be a few pot holes, puddles, grazed knees and tears along the way, but if we walk it together I am sure we will get there. And let’s have lots of fun trying!

On behalf of all of us at Panyaden, I would like to thank you for choosing to walk this path together. This path, we truly believe, will give our children the opportunity to create a life so much deeper and richer than working in order to consume.

I wish you and your children a happy and successful school year.

Blossom Day 2014

End of year celebration of learning

dsc_9567 Panyaden student performance for Blossom Day 2013, Panyaden School

Blossom Day,Friday, 7 March 2014, 9am – 12.30pm

We will be celebrating what our students have been learning over the last 12 months as the 2013-14 school year draws to a close. Our students have been working hard and enthusiastically to learn and practice their different and we are all looking forward to the big day!

There will be traditional dancing from Peru, an adaptation of Peer and the Wolf, singing and dancing from our Nursery students and a student re-creation of a newsroom. We will finish up with our Blossom Day market, with food and handmade products made and sold by our students. Proceeds will go to a Chiang Mai charity.

All our parents, relatives and friends are most welcome!

Welcome Note From Panyaden School Director, Neil Amas

Welcome to our new school year 2012

Welcome to the second ever year of Panyaden School Chiang Mai!

We are now in our second week and things are going pretty well. There were a few tears in the first week from our little ones but these are beginning to fade away as they integrate into their new surroundings.

We have almost doubled the number of students we had this time last, so we have a livelier school and a number of new teachers, which is great. However our class sizes remain small, which is wonderful for the children. Our student population is really mixed, literally about 50/50 English and Thai first language speakers, so we are very much a bilingual school, both in the classroom and in the playground which is where our students really learn to speak two languages. We spent the hot Chiang Mai summer break training and planning the curriculum so we are raring to go!

We are always trying to improve our school. Specifically, we are looking to tackle some of the common concerns of parents last year.  A number of parents who find it difficult to pick up their children at the regular times have asked if we can provide daily after school care, so we will offer an after school care service this term each day until 4.45pm. Many parents came to us with concerns about lost belongings last year, so we have asked our teachers to pay particular attention to this issue this term and our parents to make sure they label all of their child’s belongings. Paint on clothes has been another common complaint so we changed the school uniform for a darker colour and have asked all out students to bring in a painting shirt and our Art teacher to keep the Art room tidy!  No doubt there will more problems to fix this year and we look forward to working together to solve them.

We  are all looking forward to our second ever school year.

Panyaden School morning assembly Native English speaking teacher with mixed group of students at Panyaden, bilingual school in Chiang Mai Panyaden School's expat students in class. We are a Thai-Eng bilingual international school in Chiang Mai.

First Day of Second School Year

Busy first day at Panyaden School

Flag raising at Chiang Mai's bilingual Panyaden School's first day of second school year

Panyaden School's Thai and foreign students during morning assembyWe had a busy first day of school as students new and old came together for the first day of the first term of our second ever school year. There were tears and hugs (from parents as well as students!) as brave new pre-schoolers ventured into unfamiliar classrooms. And smiles and chatter from returning students who met up with their friends after the 2-month break. Assembly was a lot fuller than usual as we have almost doubled our student numbers this year. Our School Director reminded our old students of their responsibilities to make their new friends feel welcome and at home. And by the end of the first day, we were all settling in (well, most of us!) and getting to know each other.

Chiang Mai's environmentally friendly bilingual school, Panyaden School's teachers and staff welcoming students Thai teachers of Panyaden School waving a welcome to new and current students Thai parent with student of Chiang Mai's bilingual school, Panyaden Happy student at Panyaden School playground. Panyaden is a bilingual school in Chiang Mai. Kindergarten student arriving at Panyaden, green bilingual school in Chiang Mai Foreign student of bilingual school in Chiang Mai, Panyaden School

Parent arriving with students on bilingual Panyaden School's first day of the second school year Foreign teacher with Panyaden School's students, Chiang Mai Cheerful foreign student with fun spectacles at Chiang Mai's bilingual Panyaden School Bilingual students of Panyaden School in Chiang Mai Bilingual school in Chiang Mai, Panyaden has a mix of Thai and foreign students