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P1 and P4 Field Trip


Ankle-deep in mud, Prathom 1 and 4 students happily helped Loong Boonying drive a water buffalo ploughing the rice field. It was hard work but they enjoyed themselves. Our students were on a field trip to the Thai Buffalo Training Camp in Mae Rim to learn about the different varieties of buffaloes and to experience for themselves how these strong domestic animals help farmers plough fields and crush rice grains. The children also learnt how rice is milled the traditional Thai way before it is ready to be cooked. A really fun and educational trip!

DSC04295 Panyaden School Prathom students driving a buffalo ploughing a rice field Panyaden Prathom students ploughing the rice field with a water buffalo DSC04249 Panyaden student milling rice the tradional Thai way DSC04320 Panyaden student processing rice the tradional Thai way DSC04336 Panyaden student processing rice the tradional Thai way

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