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Teaching Responsibility

Washing Monitors, Panyaden

Teaching responsibility. As part of our three Rs ‘Love Nature’ campaign (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle), P4-5-6 students are taking turns to monitor their peers and younger friends’ washing up skills. Better scraping off of food scraps means less running water. Better scrubbing means less detergent and less plastic detergent bottles. Cleaner plates mean less work for our kitchen staff. Better washing up teaches responsibility!

Paper Recycling Stations

paper station delivery
Going Green!

Our new paper recycling stations are successfully delivered to every classroom and office. Expertly made by our maintenance team, P’Ngo and P’Arthit, the station will encourage Panyaden students to re-use, reduce and recycle the paper they use every day. More photos on our Facebook page.

Made in Panyaden! Maintenance men Arthit and Ngo with Ola.
Made in Panyaden! Maintenance men Arthit and Ngo with Ola.
Girl Power! P6 girls and their new paper recycling station.
Girl Power! P6 girls and their new paper recycling station.

Tidy Up Friday

Panyaden School students recycling at school in Chiang Mai

Kru Yuzu, Panyaden’s Life Skills teacher, invited a masked guest to join us today at our Tidy Up session. The children gladly welcomed Khun Re Re, art teacher Kru Or’s alter ego, wearing a shiny face mask topped off with a flamboyant hat recycled from egg cartons and painted yellow. Her character’s name is the abbreviated version of Recycle and Re-use. Kru Yuzu said that the cartons were previously used to make paper vegetables for the Kung Fu Chef’s special wise habits soup. Now they have found new life as a bright yellow hat!

Panyaden teachers dress up to teach children about recycling Panyaden teachers teach students about recycling

Both teachers played a video of a paper recycling plant to show our children where the used paper that we collect goes to and how they are recycled into ‘new’ cardboard, tissues and other paper products. By recycling and re-using the paper, we can help save trees from needless destruction. This video was followed by our school’s regular Friday green practice of tidying up the schoolyard by picking up leaves that will then be recycled into organic compost for our garden.

Recycling activity at Panyaden International School in Chiang Mai Panyaden School Chiang Mai: off for their green activity at the schoolyard Picking up leaves for recycling as part of green activity, Panyaden School Chiang Mai

Photos of today’s green activity: Recycle with Miss Re Re