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Panyaden Kindergarten Festival of Learning

Recycled paper binoculars made by Panyaden preschooler_MG_8120-logo
Fun Festival of Learning at Panyaden

Sharing, exploring and learning together.Sharing, exploring and learning together. Panyaden’s preschoolers enjoy a variety of nature-inspired art and creative recycling activities at our mixed-age kindergarten Festival of Learning. Check out the photos in Panyaden’s Kindergarten Festival of Learning image gallery.

Panyaden Kindergarten student makes recycled paper, Panyaden Festival of Learning Panyaden's preschoolers painting outdoors at school, Festival of Learning Preschoolers outdoors, Panyaden Festival of Learning Panyaden nursery measuring water for Panyaden Preschool Festival of Learning Preschoolers recycle dry twigs and pods to make art during Panyaden's Festival of Learning

Panyaden Pre-school Show

Panyaden nursery children put up a show for their parents to celebrate their learning ANimal mask dance by Panyaden International School pre-schoolers Panyaden's pre-schoolers in their butterfly costumes Penguin and birds paper art by Panyaden International School pre-schoolers

Panyaden’s pre-schoolers put up an entertaining show for teachers, parents and friends at the end of their study unit on well-being and animals. Lots of fun art, dioramas of African animals in their habitat, paper masks of animal faces, songs, butterfly costumes and dances. A lovely way to celebrate learning!

Panyaden pre-schoolers in bird costumes admiring an animal art art exhibition Parents and students admiring paintings by Panyaden's pre-school students Diorama of African animals by Panyaden International School pre-school students

Lots more photos here on Panyaden Pre-school Show image gallery!