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Panyaden Kindergarten Festival of Learning

Recycled paper binoculars made by Panyaden preschooler_MG_8120-logo
Fun Festival of Learning at Panyaden

Sharing, exploring and learning together.Sharing, exploring and learning together. Panyaden’s preschoolers enjoy a variety of nature-inspired art and creative recycling activities at our mixed-age kindergarten Festival of Learning. Check out the photos in Panyaden’s Kindergarten Festival of Learning image gallery.

Panyaden Kindergarten student makes recycled paper, Panyaden Festival of Learning Panyaden's preschoolers painting outdoors at school, Festival of Learning Preschoolers outdoors, Panyaden Festival of Learning Panyaden nursery measuring water for Panyaden Preschool Festival of Learning Preschoolers recycle dry twigs and pods to make art during Panyaden's Festival of Learning

Panyaden Preschool Budding Day

Preschool students perform a song for their parents on Panyaden's Budding Day

Panyaden’s preschoolers celebrate their learning

We love to learn! At Budding Day, our preschool end-of-term celebration of learning, nursery and kindergarten students show their parents what they have learned in class this term.  The science (and art) of making coloured ice, playing fun tunes on little xylophones, drawing, learning new life skills, counting and much more.

_mg_3057-logo Preschoolers play the xylophone for their parents on Panyaden's Budding Day Students showing parents how to mix a salad, Panyaden Budding Day for Preschoolers Drawing with dad during Panyaden's Budding Day (Preschool) Reading with dad, Panyaden Preschool Budding Day _mg_3043-logo Panyaden International School Budding Day Fun and games on Panyaden's Budding Day

More Panyaden Preschool Budding Day photos.

Anuban Budding Day 2015

Anuban Budding Day 2015

Preschool Celebration of Learning

Students, parents and teachers celebrated our annual end of term ‘Budding Day’ yesterday. Budding Day is an opportunity for parents to see what happens in the classroom as teachers lead mums and dads through the daily routine and their children show them what they have been learning in Term 1. A great day!

DSCF2379 DSCF2454 DSCF2447 DSCF9071 Preschoolers performing for parents on Anuban Budding Day, Panayden School

Lots more photos on our blog and Facebook.