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Panyaden Pre-school Show

Panyaden nursery children put up a show for their parents to celebrate their learning ANimal mask dance by Panyaden International School pre-schoolers Panyaden's pre-schoolers in their butterfly costumes Penguin and birds paper art by Panyaden International School pre-schoolers

Panyaden’s pre-schoolers put up an entertaining show for teachers, parents and friends at the end of their study unit on well-being and animals. Lots of fun art, dioramas of African animals in their habitat, paper masks of animal faces, songs, butterfly costumes and dances. A lovely way to celebrate learning!

Panyaden pre-schoolers in bird costumes admiring an animal art art exhibition Parents and students admiring paintings by Panyaden's pre-school students Diorama of African animals by Panyaden International School pre-school students

Lots more photos here on Panyaden Pre-school Show image gallery!

Anuban Budding Day 2015

Anuban Budding Day 2015

Preschool Celebration of Learning

Students, parents and teachers celebrated our annual end of term ‘Budding Day’ yesterday. Budding Day is an opportunity for parents to see what happens in the classroom as teachers lead mums and dads through the daily routine and their children show them what they have been learning in Term 1. A great day!

DSCF2379 DSCF2454 DSCF2447 DSCF9071 Preschoolers performing for parents on Anuban Budding Day, Panayden School

Lots more photos on our blog and Facebook.

Teachers’ Training @Panyaden

Panyaden School teachers' training 22 July 2015

Focus on Reading

To further strengthen this year’s focus on reading, Panyaden teachers were yesterday trained on various strategies and tools to encourage independent reading, including guided reading, reading assessment and phonological awareness in preschool.

Art, Dance and Music Classes

Art is a valuable tool of self-expression and creativity. Panyaden School encourages its students to explore their imagination through various art forms like painting, music and dancing and to integrate such creativity into other lessons and subjects.

Our Art, Dance and Music Schedule

Pre-school (nursery and kindergarten): art, dance and music classes 3 times a week;

Prathom (primary): a minimum of 1 hour each of music, dance and art each week. These subjects are also often integrated in the other subjects (for example, a science project might include drawing/painting).