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Prathom @ Chiang Mai’s Grand Canyon

Panyaden School Prathom (Grade) students at Chiang Mai's Grand Canyon
Cycling, kayaking, swimming, beach volleyball and badminton at Chiang Mai’s version of the Grand Canyon. Prathom 4-5-6 students get fit and challenge themselves as part of their Olympics theme.

Panyaden School grade students cycling around Chiang Mai's Grand Canyon Panyaden School Prathom students enjoy canoeing at Grand Canyon of Chiang MaiPanyaden School Grade students enjoy canoeing at Grand Canyon of Chiang Mai

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Science, fitness and fun!

DSCF3531 Panyaden School grade 2 summer programme students at Crossfit Chiangmai
Panyaden Prathom 2 students enjoying a memorable day out at Crossfit Chiangmai where they learned about the forces of pushing and pulling as they relate to sport science and exercise, as well as why it is important to work as a team. Science, fitness and fun! Thank you so much to our wonderful hosts, Kru Andrew, Kru Monica and the rest of the staff at Crossfit Chiangmai.

DSCF3744 Panyaden School grade 2 summer programme students at Crossfit Chiangmai DSCF3723 DSCF3695 Panyaden School grade 2 summer programme students at Crossfit Chiangmai

DSCF3563 Panyaden School grade 2 summer programme students at Crossfit Chiangmai

DSCF3810 Panyaden School grade 2 summer programme students at Crossfit Chiangmai

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Makha Bucha Day 2016

Makha Bucha Day drawing by Prathom 1 (P1) class, Panyaden School

Panyaden students, teachers and parents joined together to celebrate this important date in the Buddhist calendar. Prathom 1 (P1) students sang the Makha Bucha song and every Primary student took part in presenting their interpretation of the Buddha’s discourse ‘Ovadha Patimokkha’: to cultivate the good, refrain from the bad and purify the mind.


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Budding Day 2015 Term 1 Parent Feedback

Budding Day 2015, Panyaden School

Thank you to parents who completed our questionnaire on Panyaden’s Budding Day celebrations on 17 and 18 September. We are happy to report that 96% of Prathom parents and 96% of Anuban parents scored the efforts shown by the students as either ‘excellent’ or ‘more than satisfactory’. 65% of Anuban and Prathom parents agreed that the overall event was ‘excellent’ while 32% said it was ‘more than satisfactory’.

We thank you for your observations and will continue to improve on this end-of-term activity. Here are some of your comments:

• “Great job, teachers! I want to go to school here too!”

• “A great day. Timing is better than last year.”

• “Excellent teacher involvement. Good to meet other parents.”

• “The kids are very happy! The school is a very positive environment.”

• “Fun & informative! The kids seemed very proud of their accomplishments and of the sense of responsibility that had been entrusted to them.”

• “Everything was excellent!”

• “Overall, Budding Day is impressive and I like it because it keeps me informed of what students learn in the classroom.”

• “Some parents with more than one child in different grades were unable to join in all the activities since classes ran activities at the same time.”

Pre-school (Anuban)

Slide05 Slide06
Slide09 Slide10 Prathom
Slide12 Slide13



Slide05 Prathom Slide06 Prathom
Slide09 Prathom Slide10 Prathom
Slide12 Prathom Slide13 Prathom

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Interview with FoP Chair

fop-logo Chair of FoP, Khun SarinpornFriends of PanyadenParents, teachers and students came together for another excellent Friends of Panyaden Flea Market. Great homemade food, hundreds of second toys, books and clothes and a whole lot of fun and smiles! We asked the new Chair of FoP, Khun Sarinporn about her plans for FoP this year.

Q: What are your aims for FOP this year?
A: To build the relationship between parents and the school and facilitate communication and information exchange between both.

Q: What advice would you give to new parents who join Panyaden?
A: Trust that the school will do its best for your child and join FoP so that we can get to know each other! Please come and see us if you need information about the school but are too shy to ask!

Q: We are a multi-cultural school with many different nationalities, languages and cultures. What are the best ways to overcome any barriers that this may present?
A: We are from different cultures and speak different languages but we all have the same aim: to do the best we can for our children. I always think that the best way to understand another is to try and put ourselves in their shoes.

Q: What, in your view, should be the main focus of primary education?
A: There are two important areas of focus. First, especially for Anuban, it is how to develop kids to do things for themselves and take care of themselves. Second, is building the emotional and moral foundation, which is important at Prathom level. The 12 Wise Habits provide excellent values for living and a true path to dealing with difficulties in life. Academically, the emphasis should be on ‘learning to love learning’ rather than filling children with just information and knowledge, which, after all, are easy to find.

Thank you Khun Sarinporn and we look forward to a great year with FoP!

Interview with FoP Chair (Thai), Panyaden School