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Panyaden Wai Kru Day 2016

Panyaden International student pays respects to his teacher on Wai Kru Day
Thank you, teachers, for your hard work, care and guidance! Panyaden students show their appreciation to teachers on Wai Kru day with flowers symbolising respect, patience, perseverance, discipline and intelligence.

Student stringing flowers for teachers on Wai Kru Day in Thailand, Panyaden International School Panyaden students with their flower gifts for teachers, Wai Kru Day 2016 Panyaden teachers on Wai Kru Day 2016 Panyaden International School Wai Kru Day 2016 Panyaden International School Wai Kru Day 2016, Chiang Mai Panyaden student paying respects to teacher on Wai Kru Day
Lots more photos here on the blog. Watch videos on Facebook made by our students for their teachers.

Panyaden Y5 Life Skills

Panyaden International School Life Skills programme: Year 5 (Y5) students preparing field for rice planting at school.
Year 5 students preparing our fields for rice planting later this month. Panyaden’s Life Skills programme integrates practical skills (like how to use a hoe), science and social science (the rice plant life cycle and crop production) and essential personal qualities like perseverance, patience, teamwork and valuing the work of others (such as the farmers who work in the hot sun to produce the food that we eat). Skills for Life!

Prathom 3-6 Meditation

Panyaden Prathom students mediate with ice in hands

Prathom 3-6 students were feeling cool in today’s sati and samadhi activity inspired by P4 homeroom teacher, Kru Jan! Students sat silently with eyes closed as an ice cube was put into the palm of their hand. Five minutes later they opened their eyes and were asked to share their reflections. We observed how the mind deals with initially uncomfortable sensations through focusing on an alternative point of concentration or by simply observing the sensation without being overcome by aversion. A great lesson in perseverance and patience!

Panyaden School Prathom 3-6 students meditation session   Meditating with ice in hand, Panyaden School Chiang Mai

More photos here on the blog.