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Panyaden Expansion

Panyaden secondary school expansion

Panyaden Expanding to Secondary School

Many of you have asked for it. We have listened and have an exciting announcement for you and other families who believe in the benefits of the Panyaden learning experience. Today we proudly confirm that Panyaden will offer secondary education starting in the academic year of 2019. Read more below…

Panyaden Expansion Announcement to parents (in English) Panyaden Expansion Announcement to parents (in Thai)

Panyaden End-of-Term Celebration of Learning

Panyaden Primary students performing on Budding Day Preschool students dancing on Budding Day, Panyaden International School

Budding Day: End-of-Term Celebration of Learning

Panyaden parents are warmly invited to our end-of-term celebration of learning. Budding Day will be held over two days as follows:

Thursday 8th December, 8:45 – 9:45am: Nursery and K1-2 Budding Day
Friday 9th December, 1:20 – 3:40pm: Year 1-7 Budding Day

The Year 1-7 Budding Day will start in the School Canteen, after which you will be invited to go to your child’s classroom or selected specialist classes (such as Art or PE) to see what your child has been learning this term. Detailed schedules will be available on the day.

Performance by Panyaden Parents

DSCF2310 Panyaden parents after performance at school

Panyaden parents dazzled the whole school this morning with their hilarious and entertaining adaptation of the classic tale, ‘The Dragon Who Didn’t Like to Learn’, part of the school’s weekly ‘Stories in the Garden’ by parents. Thank you parents, we loved it!

DSCF3348 Enjoying the show, Panyaden School DSCF3347 Panyaden parents performing story for children DSCF3338 Parents acting out story, Panyaden School

More photos here.

Panyaden Newsletter Issue 23: Parent Spotlight

Parent spotlight_Halpern family

In the latest issue of our newsletter (Dec ’15/Jan ’16), we shine the spotlight on Ariel and Magdalena, long-term Panyaden parents of three.

“When you know about things from a hands-on perspective you get to understand things beyond the facts.” Read more: https://www.panyaden.ac.th/newsletter/panyaden-school-newsletter-issue23.pdf

Budding Day 2015 Term 1 Parent Feedback

Budding Day 2015, Panyaden School

Thank you to parents who completed our questionnaire on Panyaden’s Budding Day celebrations on 17 and 18 September. We are happy to report that 96% of Prathom parents and 96% of Anuban parents scored the efforts shown by the students as either ‘excellent’ or ‘more than satisfactory’. 65% of Anuban and Prathom parents agreed that the overall event was ‘excellent’ while 32% said it was ‘more than satisfactory’.

We thank you for your observations and will continue to improve on this end-of-term activity. Here are some of your comments:

• “Great job, teachers! I want to go to school here too!”

• “A great day. Timing is better than last year.”

• “Excellent teacher involvement. Good to meet other parents.”

• “The kids are very happy! The school is a very positive environment.”

• “Fun & informative! The kids seemed very proud of their accomplishments and of the sense of responsibility that had been entrusted to them.”

• “Everything was excellent!”

• “Overall, Budding Day is impressive and I like it because it keeps me informed of what students learn in the classroom.”

• “Some parents with more than one child in different grades were unable to join in all the activities since classes ran activities at the same time.”

Pre-school (Anuban)

Slide05 Slide06
Slide09 Slide10 Prathom
Slide12 Slide13



Slide05 Prathom Slide06 Prathom
Slide09 Prathom Slide10 Prathom
Slide12 Prathom Slide13 Prathom

(Please click on each slide for larger view.)

Panyaden Parents vs Teachers Football Match

Panyaden School teachers and parents football teams

Panyaden parents and teachers came together yesterday to play another game on our school field. This time it was the turn of the parents to impress, going 3-0 up in the first 15 minutes. The teachers pulled 2 back, only to finally lose 4-2. Congratulations parents and see you at the next game!

Panyaden teachers' football team Football match at Panyaden School soccer field

The above photos are also on the school blog image gallery.

Workshop for Parents

Focus on Reading Week

Parent Workshop on “Encouraging Reading at Home”

Kru Michel conducting parent workshop, Panyaden School

Mon, 24 November, 15:30-16:30 (Canteen)

A chance for Panyaden parents to exchange experiences and learn new ideas
to promote a love of reading amongst young children with Kru Michel, Kru Nikki and Kru Ar.
Please contact the School Office (053 426 618) to reserve a place.

Panyaden Alms Round this morning

Panyaden offering alms this morning

Panyaden parents, students, teachers and staff offered food to Venerable Ajahn Jayasaro, Venerable Ajahn Jiew and Venerable Santhidhammo this morning. On this occasion, everyone offered one spoonful of rice to each monk. Some parents brought fresh food and fruit also.

More photos on the blog here.

DSC00270 Panyaden alms giving DSC00296 Panyaden alms round DSC00281 Panyaden alms round Panyaden staff, parents and students offering alms to Ven. Ajhan Jayasaro DSC00338 ???????????????????????????????