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Our Olympic Motto

Believe To Succeed

 This is the Panyaden Olympic motto that can be applied to our daily lives. Some of our Prathom students tell us here what it means to them.


Jessica (P6), originator of the slogan, says “It doesn’t matter if you come first or last. Whatever you think is your best, is good enough.”

Nick (P6): “I believe in myself and keep my promises. If you believe in yourself and do your best, you will succeed.”

Matthew (P5): “Don’t give up on your work because if you don’t, you won’t understand anything so always believe in yourself.”

Oliver (P5): “Believe within yourself that you can succeed in something in life. Maybe you won’t succeed in what you want or maybe you will. I think that success means to pass something and be good at it. Everyone should have their own talent and everyone’s talent is different; so you should try your best, never give up and be yourself.”

Jack (P4): “If you don’t remember, just think and think. Then you will remember and don’t give up.”

Hugo (P4): “It doesn’t matter if you come last or first, you just need to believe in yourself to succeed. If you don’t believe in yourself, you will not get far in life. You need to practice to succeed. If you don’t, then you will never succeed in something.”