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Best British Schools in Asia & Best International School Thailand

We are pleased to announce that Panyaden International School has been selected by World Schools and listed as one of The Best British Schools in Asia as well as The Best International School in Thailand.

Our praise and congratulations go to Panyaden teachers and staff for their constant dedication.

We also want to thank our parents and students for their trust, continuous support and contribution to the Panyaden community.



Panyaden’s success is the product of teamwork.

Thank you all.

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Panyaden Job Opportunities

Job Opprtunities at Panyaden hiring teachers poster 2018

Panyaden Job Opportunities

We are hiring!

Panyaden International School in Chiang Mai is currently hiring for the new academic year starting in August 2018. Our school integrates Buddhist values, environmental mindfulness, and bilingual learning with international education standards. We are looking for dedicated, resourceful, passionate, resilient teachers and non-teaching staff who are comfortable working in a multicultural environment. See list below. Please read details in the posters attached to this post (click on the images for larger views) or visit our Panyaden recruitment page for more information!

List of Jobs Available:

  • Urgent – Temporary Performing Arts Teacher (Maternity Cover, 16 April 2018 to 30 June 2018). Find out more here.
  • Thai Head Teacher
  • Preschool Teachers (both Thai and English Native Speakers). Find out more here.
  • Primary Teachers (both Thai and English Native Speakers). Find out more here.
  • School Secretary (Academic)
  • School Secretary and Assistant to Management Team

Interested applicants, please send a cover letter outlining your suitability for the position and full resume to hr@panyaden.ac.th. Salaries to be negotiated. Please note that only selected candidates will be contacted by Panyaden’s HR department.

Panyaden Job Opportunities 2018 poster 1 Panyaden Job Opportunities: Performing Arts Teacher (Maternity cover)

Celebrating Panyaden Sports Day

Cheering our teams on Panyaden Sports Day 2018

Panyaden Sports Day 2018

A Wonderful Celebration!

It was a joyful day as our Panyaden community came together to celebrate fitness, best efforts, teamwork, and sportsmanship during our annual Sports Day. There were lots of cheers and laughter! Well done to all our students, the teachers and staff who put it all together and to the parents who enthusiastically participated in the games! See lots more exciting photos here on our Panyaden School Blog and on our Facebook page.

ILots of smiles and laughter, Panyaden Sports Day 2018 Happy student having fun, Panyaden Sports Day 2018 What fun! Happy student enjoy Panyaden Sports Day 2018.

Go team! Panyaden Sports Day 2018. Smiling students enjoy a game during Panyaden Sports Day 2018. The race is on, Panyaden Sports Day 2018.

Joyous Celebration

Panyaden My Project and Expert Programme - a joyous celebration

My Project/Expert Programme Term 1 Celebrations

A joyous celebration of creativity and passion! Last Friday, Panyaden’s primary students presented their independent My Projects and Expert Programme including computer animation, art, making healthy natural products, sewing, Super Science experiments, and a catchy sneak preview of their upcoming Mary Poppins musical to be staged next year. The students’ team efforts, energy and enthusiasm had everyone joining in the fun!

Panyaden My Project and Expert Programme celebration at school Panyaden My Project celebration - student shows mum how to sew a pom pom Panyaden student demonstrating his project to his parents during My Project/Expert Programme celebration 2017

Traditional telephone game - Panyaden My Project celebration Panyaden Expert Programme celebration - computer animation demostration by student Fun day - Panyaden My Project/Expert Programme celebration

Enjoy more photos of the celebration on our School Blog gallery.

Panyaden Year 3 Mathematics

Panyaden Year 3 Mathematics - substraction puzzles

Year 3 Mathematics: Subtraction

Panyaden Year 3 students work in pairs to analyse and solve subtraction puzzles before taking turns to share with the class how they reached their conclusions. Explaining the problem-solving process is a vital skill for children to learn, not only helping them to deepen their learning of the specific process, but also improving articulation and critical thinking skills.

Visit our blog gallery for more photos: Panyaden Y3 Maths Activity.

 Panyaden Year 3 mathematics activity - subtraction Panyaden Y3 Math activity: working in pairs to solve subtraction puzzles Panyaden Year 3 maths: sharing their conclusions

Panyaden in Online Tech Mag

Panyaden bamboo sports hall side view by Chiangmai Life Architects
An idea worth saving

Panyaden’s unique bamboo Sports Hall in Tech Xplore news

Panyaden International School’s bamboo Sports Hall is featured in Tech Xplore, an online science, research and technology news service covering a range of subjects including physics, earth science, medicine, engineering and other sciences and technologies.

“As the climate is mainly hot or wet, it became important as the school grew to provide for a sheltered sports arena. Thus the Panyaden International School Sports Hall was conceived,” said the designers and builders, Chiangmai Life Architects. Read the article here. See more photos of our unique bamboo Sports Hall here on Panyaden’s blog image gallery.

Other recent international press coverage listed on our school blog:

Panyaden In The News

Panyaden's bamboo indoor sports hall

Panyaden’s Bamboo Indoor Sports Hall

From Design to Completion. Article in architecture magazine.

Renowned architecture magazine, Arch Daily writes about the design and architecture of Panyaden’s Indoor Sports/Assembly Hall by Chiangmai Life Construction. The design was based on the lotus flower popular in Thailand where our school is, “and uses Buddhist teachings to infuse values into its academic curriculum and teach the underlying mechanisms of the human mind”. Read the article here. Photos by photographer, Alberto San Cosi can be found here on Panyaden’s blog image gallery.

Live and Learn: Active Kids, Successful Learning

Active Kids, successful learning: Students and staff enjoy Zuma during morning exercise at Panyaden International

Active Kids, Successful Learning

Why keeping kids active does so much more than improve their fitness

by Jiranat Sriphet (Kru Dokmai), Panyaden International School Head Teacher

 Kru Dokmai, Head Teacher
Kru Dokmai, Head Teacher

How do we know kids are learning? There is a tendency to conjure up an image of children sitting quietly at desks, heads down, writing (and being reminded to “sit still!”). However, research continues to show that movement and exercise facilitate the brain’s readiness and ability to learn and retain information. Whether moving around the classroom or running around the playground, the counter trend in many schools to reduce physical exercise and restrict playing areas is at odds with what we know about how the brain learns.

Exercise has both a physiological and developmental impact on children’s brains. Physical mechanisms include:

  • Increased oxygen to the brain that enhances its ability to learn
  • Alterations to neurotransmitters
  • Structural changes in the central nervous system

For example, researchers found that children who had an opportunity to run 15 to 45 minutes before class were less distracted and more attentive to schoolwork. These positive effects lasted two to four hours after their workouts. The connection between learning and exercise seems to be especially strong for elementary school students.

“Daily physical activity is an opportunity for the average school to become a high-performing school,” said Jesper Fritz, a doctoral student at Lund University and physician at the Skåne University Hospital in Malmö who was the study’s lead author.i

“Activity helps the brain in so many ways,” said James F. Sallis, a professor of family medicine and public health at the University of California, San Diego, who has done research on the association between activity breaks and classroom behaviour. “Activity stimulates more blood vessels in the brain to support more brain cells. And there is evidence that active kids do better on standardized tests and pay attention more in school.”ii

John Ratey, an associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and the author of “Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain”, said: “Movement activates all the brain cells kids are using to learn, it wakes up the brain.” “Plus,” he added, “it makes kids want to come to school more – it’s fun to do these activities.”iii

Given these findings, argues author and academic Donna Wilson, cutting back on physical education with the aim of improving academic performance, as many schools have done or may be considering, is likely to be counterproductive.iv

Live & Learn: Active Kids, Successful Learning at Panyaden Active kids, successful learning: Morning workout at Panyaden Active kids, successful learning. Student exercise at Panyaden International School Live & Learn: Active Kids, Successful Learning - Panyaden Life Skills Rice Project.

At Panyaden, we see the importance of exercise, so we support student learning with exercise in a variety of ways.

  • Start the Day with Movement – Our “Let’s Move” programme in the morning after assembly includes sports, games, and Zumba.
  • Enhance Attention During and Between Lessons – Classroom learning stations ensure students move around the room every 15 minutes or so. Regular outdoor and hands-on learning activities keep kids active.
  • Start Up Games – We regularly start lessons with short active games which are known to enhance attention and memory.
  • Life Skills and My Project – Apart from PE classes, our Life Skills and My Project programmes involve building, making, walking, lifting and generally lots of moving around!

The advent of computer games and personal devices means getting children outside and exercising is more of a challenge for parents nowadays. But encouraging kids to take part in exercise after school and on the weekends is strongly encouraged. Bike riding, hiking, sports, yoga with parents… whatever it is, keep it fun if you want your kids interested in exercise. Allow some choice. Dad might love walking up Doi Suthep, but his kids may think differently!

And the golden rule, as usual, is to be a role model. Staying active yourself is the best way to motivate and inspire your kids. If your child sees exercise as a positive and important part of your lifestyle, they will most likely follow suit.


i The New York Times, March 21, 2017, Why Kids Shouldn’t Sit Still in Class By Donna De La Cruz
ii Ibid
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iv Edutopia, March 12, 2014, Move Your Body, Grow Your Brain

Click on the images (below) for larger views or download the Thai PDF here: กิจกรรมเคลื่อนไหว ช่วยในการเรียนรู้

Panyaden Live & Learn: Active Kids, Successful Learning Thai PDF page 1Panyaden Live & Learn: Active Kids, Successful Learning Thai PDF page 2Panyaden Live & Learn: Active Kids, Successful Learning Thai PDF page 3

Panyaden Voted Top 5 International Schools in Thailand

Panyaden International School campus(voted top 5 international schools in Thailand)

Panyaden in Top 5 International Schools in Thailand

We are happy and proud to announce that Panyaden International School is in the list of top 5 international schools in Thailand! School directory and review website, Sataban, lists Panyaden as one of the best schools in the country. A great achievement for everyone involved in the school, well done! Thank you for all your hard work!

Panyaden Reading Day 2017

Panyaden International School Reading Day 2017 - quiet reading

Love Reading!

Panyaden is celebrating our school’s annual Reading Day with stories read by parents in English and Thai, multi-class silent reading and a student-led skit about characters from famous stories. Poetry Evening to follow after school. We love books!

Students engrossed in reading, Panyaden Reading Day 2017 Panyaden teacher reads to students, Panyaden Reading Day 2017 Love Reading! Panyaden Reading Day 2017 Panyaden parent reads story to students, Panyaden Reading Day 2017 Parent reading story in Thai to students, Panyaden Reading Day 2017

Click here for more photos of Panyaden Reading Day 2017.